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Warhammer 40k MMOG
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:03:14 PM »
I've been hanging for this game, and it looks like it will be revealed at the next E3 games event.  A WH40K mmo is been a long dream of mine, so here is hoping they'll have a good showing.  They've certainly made Dawn of War a success, but can they do it for a MMO.

Certainly a massed nameless legion game like WH40K will sit will.  Be one of the nameless Space Marines, Imperial Guard or [fingers crossed] Eldar!  Loved the WH40K games, got all the Dawn of War I's and II.

Warhammer 40K MMOG to be Revealed at E3

Hopefully they'll setup a site, forum and I'm sure I'll join the 1000's to try and get into any BETA's.

WH40K has enough back story and dogma as Dungeon & Dragons, so can really get into it.  Interesting they have left the RP part out.   Wonder who they'll handle squad and legion based combat.

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