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General Discussion / Re: For Nostalgia Sake
« Last post by Rumbaar on July 30, 2023, 02:02:06 PM »
Hey Rei,

Yes, I at least visit every now and again and it was a very pleasant surprise to see you post.   Great link and I'm reading it right now, I still smile knowing that Morphus was 'killed' at the Rumbaar water treatment facility.
General Discussion / For Nostalgia Sake
« Last post by Rei on July 09, 2023, 07:26:55 AM »
Hello lovely humans of the OS!  I don't know if anyone still checks these boards anymore but on the off chance that there's a few left around that still do every now and then.. I stumbled across this relatively recent article today and wanted to share.  It's an interview with Ben Chamberlain (Rarebit) who was the sole dev left at the end and basically carried MxO far longer than it would have lasted otherwise.  Thought it was a fun little look back down memory lane and it definitely brought back a bit of wistfulness for the golden days of the Omega Syndicate and MxO.

Anyways, if anyone actually reads this, I hope you've all been living wonderful lives out there in the real and that life has been treating you well!

Heroes / Useful Farmable Characters
« Last post by Deadmanwade on October 06, 2016, 03:59:11 AM »
This is a discussion about characters that are farmable and their general usefulness:

All of this is opinion based upon my use of the character.  If someone knows more please comment and I will change my assessment

Farmable in Story missions:

Captain America:2 out of 5 stars  limited utility.  Decent survivavbility and some good team up bonuses, but not overall very useful.  T2 adds more survivability but still only useful against hordes of mobs.

Iron Man: 2 out of 5 stars:  very limited for awhile he was one of the tops, especially in AB but he has fallen off due to power creep and not really being able to close the deal.  Awkward playstyle, not very useful.  Good team ups so keeps him from being 1 star

War MAchine: 2.5 out of 5  Better tank than IM, can survive better and still do decent damage.  With costume he can be competitive in regular missions, not anywhere else. He might become more viable when Hulkbuster gets a t2

Black Widow:  5 out of 5.  very useful and can clear AB at t2, with crazy skill she can do it at t1.  Leadership ability is fairly weak but everything else is very solid.

Vision:  2.5 out of 5  ha iframes and has great survivability, but damage is severely lacking

Ultron:  2 out of 5.  Not very good.  has minions for some survivability but all attacks leave you wide open to counter.

Mockingbird:  2.5 out of 5.  with shadowlands, a good costume and a decent t2 mockingbird is solid at single target damage and has a great team up with Agent 13 and Black Widow.  still needs more iframes and cc to make her competitive

Punisher:  1.5 out of 5.  not completely useless especially if you have a costume..  Still very slow and damage is lacking.  Only possibly useful in select Shadowlands matchups

Luke Cage 3 out of 5.  GREAT leadership ability.  good team ups.  has CC on many attacks, just needs some more damage to bring him into the must get category.  Possibly a new uniform will bump him up some

Falcon:  2 out of 5  has some iframes and some evasion, damage is lacking and when he is not off screen he can be taken out easily.

Winter Soldier:  2 out of 5.  useful in shadowlands as he puts out more damage then you would expect but still susceptible to stuns and a lack of consistant iframes or invulnerability

M.O.D.O.K.  2 out of 5 .  very good leadership ability (although not unique to him)  decent cc.  too many of his attacks have a charge up where he can be broken out.  few enemies protect against mind, so he might be better

Blade:  2.5 out of 5.  good leadership ability, with his costume he can become a damage beast.  low rating is due to the costume being required to make hium decent.  with costume he would probably be a 3.5

Hawkeye:  2 out of 5.  he has some avoidance and some stun.  i want him to be better, but he really isnt.  he is squishy and not enough avoidance/iframes/invulerability.  at t2 he is a gamble.  if the buff proc's he is good, if not, no

Venom:  1.5 out of 5  he could be higher, he has fear, and stun but he is a large target who can be taken down easily.   he does have a good team up with spiderman and carnage, but that is about it

Spider-man:  3 out of 5.  has web, and iframes.  great dodge survivability and a t2 that makes him harder to hit, solid if unspectacular pick

Green Goblin:  3 out of 5:  for awhile GG was king, one of the first heavy iframes characters he still has his uses being a solid speed character and a decent combat character with his costume.  he still gets use in my squad with his bullseye and songbird team up and i have had to use him against thanos where he performs admirably in his costume

Agent 13:  3(4) out of 5:  good survivavbility and if you can get good with her skills she can be invulnerable the entire time.  she has a decent team with black widow and mockingbird.  she gets bumped up to a 4 if you do not have good cards for skill coodwon as her leadership helps alot here.

Doc Ock:  2 out of 5  useless until 6 star, with it he can do decent damage and have decent survivablity.  With his costume he is actually decent and would get bumped up to a 3

Datedevil:  2 out of 5.  useless is WB but decent elsewhere.  best against single targets, still waiting for a decent uniform

Bullseye:  1.5 (3) out of 5.  1.5 is how good he is in use.  he is slow, and is one of the few characters without a 6 star skill.  His leadership ability, however is beastly.  40% dodge ignore is awesome against corvus and several t2 characters.  it is also highly useful in shadowlands

Ghost Rider:  3/3.5 out of 5  still working out GR but he seems pretty solid.  he has a lot of stun and can do crazy damage.  he is still somewhat squishy and you have to use him on manual to get the most.  Plus his new costume is awesome

IF:  4.5 out of 5. SO MUCH DAMAGE.  One of the better t2 combat characters with two very solid uniforms (the newer one is better, but only slightly)  he would be a 5 but he requires a good hand to use him well prior to t2.  after t2 his dodge should keep people safe

Elektra:  1 out of 5  hahahah useless in all modes.  Does not have a uniform.  Does not have a 6 star skill, it takes a lot of work to make her decent.  currently the worst character in MFF

Kingpin:  4 out of 5.  solid pick.  with uniform can work on Blast and combat AB days.  he hits hard with good surviavbility and his ninjas do so as well.  limited utility in WB but great in most other modes, except Live battleworld

Red Skull:  2.5 out of 5  has summons, although they arent great even at t2.  has a shield on a quick cooldown and can do decent damage.  Wish he was better

Black Panther:  2 out of 5.  bleed does not do enough damage.  useful in shadowlands, that is all

Thor: 3 out of 5.  good damage, especially with a lincoln leadership.  could be amazing at t2

Black Bolt:  2.5 out of 5.  has great interupts but is left open for counters.  decent at TL, good a SL and ok team ups can make him useful

Sif:  2 out of 5:  good team-upos, decent surviavbility but no damage, or at least not enough.  no iframes, no invulnerability and little interrupt\

Coulson:  3 out of 5:  strongest summons in the game, plus with both summons out he has a speed, combat and blast which can help in most modes.  Keep him away from harm.  his 5th skill is also very strong.  ok for timeline, solid for AB and SL, good team up with loki

Daisy:  3(5) out of 5  the 3 is for herself.  She is ok, she can move around and stunlock people.  where she shines is that her more bang for your buck skill can be passed off.  this can make a strong damage character (Proxie, IF) absolutely destroy anything in their way.

Lincoln 3 out of 5:  6 star skill can lock down multiple targets, with low cooldown can be done infinitely.  If he is his own leader he can do massive damage, especially with a good lightning generator.  he is however very squishy and can be crushed quickly.

Deathlok  3 out of 5  might be higher when he gets t2.  good damage, especially against multiple targets and can work combat and blast AB days.  good survivability

Special Mission farmables:

Songbird:  4.5 out of 5  strong damage with normal attack, passable shield, great damage from 6 star requires some finesse and a high attack speed to get most from her.  t2 passive doesn't add much due to her primary damage not being skill damage

White Tiger:  not sure.  I feel she might be solid but i do not have her built up enough to knwo for certain

Hulkling:  seems to do good damage, but suffers the curse of the hulks in not having enough damage mitigation

Wiccan 3.5(4) out of 5  glass cannon.  absolutely amazing in Shadowlands and very tough on TL if done manually, seems to be useless in WB as bosses mostly ignore his debuffs

Squirrel Girl  2 out of 5:  fun with a summons, but way too low damage

Gwenpool 4 out of 5:  great survivability with decent damage.  good on TL, WB, SL and AB, amazing at t2

Characters acquired from chaos or honor tokens

Elsa:  3 out of 5  with unifrom can do solid damage with decent avoidance.  good in SL, possibly useful in TL and WB
Ant-Man 4 out of 5:  great in WB, especially at t2.  ok in SL and annoying as hell in TL
WarWolf 3(4) out of 5  by himself he is a 3.  he has good damage and if built well will not die.  His leadership and transferable buff make him a 4 on usefulness
Capt Marvel:  2 out of 5  too soft.  damage is only decent, has no iframes, invulnerability, stun and only one avoidance move which requires perfet timing.  god leadership though, has potential
Gamora  2.5 out of 5  very good in SL, decent on manual in TL, useless in WB, no iframes or invulnerability
Lash 1.5 out of 5  second worst character in the game only elektra is worse.  decent t2 makes him limited utility
Tips & Tricks / LAB my reconmendations
« Last post by Rumbaar on October 05, 2016, 08:59:26 AM »
The LAB was an interesting addition, that at the time offered some extra sources for items and BIOS conversions.   With the introduction of other game mechanics some of the features have lost their usefulness.

1. Anti-Matter Generator.

This produces anti-matter that is used for Warp Device mission and Hero gear leveling rank 15+.  While Warp Device missions aren't critical, if you want to level your heroes gears' past 15 this device is a must.  I personally do not see the need to rank it past LV9, as this will produce 453 per 30 mins, with a temp store of 5440 and a permanent storage of 540300.   This will allow you to level your heroes with worrying and run some Warp Device missions.

2. Warp Device

This allows 3 of your heroes [at a time] to run a mission that will earn them XP and also reward you with a BIOS [rare missions reward 1+2 BIOS].  As an XP leveling tool, it's quite useless and it's a method of gaining random BIOS for the cost of Anti-Matter and time.  As you level you gain access to more missions, and they cost more to run and reward more XP but still only reward primarily 1 BIOS.    You can level this one as much as you like, but I suggest nothing over LV8, this will allow you to have a decent amount of missions to run that are not too expensive to run.   I personally only run up to Lv 24 missions these cost 2150 Anti-Matter to run.  Which you can replenish during a normal daily cycles of the Anti-Matter Generator, and leave you enough for heor gear leveling.  Gives you 8 BIOS of random heroes.

3. Item Shop

This gives you access to an item shop that sells various materials and BIOS, at expensive rates.   I personally wouldn't level past Lv7, but no harm in doing so.  Gives you more options for sales.   I recommend getting all GUK and 2*+ Custom Gear items, as these are hard to source and always will be useful.   BIOS can be gotten here, but the crystals required can be better spent elsewhere for greater return on investment.

4. Converter

This was introduced to give people an option to turn two BIOS into a random other BIOS, it was changed to give you a select set but still random.  With the need for T2 heroes and BO characters requiring BIOS to level this has made this LAB item even more useless.  I recommend not even leveling this, until you've leveled all BO characters or so flush with BIOS you can waste a 2-1 ratio.  Which I'm sure most general players wont be in that area.  I'm happy to hear of any other use for this LAB item though.
Cards / Re: My set (Obran), need advice about active
« Last post by Rumbaar on September 26, 2016, 07:46:49 PM »
I feel that CD is the one of the best skills to focus on in cards, as it's effects impact more on combat than most others.   Other than dodge.

So you can get that 30% without loss of other key stats, with some good card combo's.  Though some of those are rare cards, with great primary stats.
Cards / My set (Obran), need advice about active
« Last post by Obran on September 26, 2016, 07:11:57 PM »
I have 20% CD active, but I noticed that there is a period when I play without its activation and my cd then is 35%~.
Not sure shall I go for more cooldown reduction.
General Discussion / Games with an Omega Syndicate presence
« Last post by Rumbaar on September 20, 2016, 08:32:15 PM »
Not all games will have a dedicated section, but hopefully a list here of current [past] games with an Omega Syndicate presence.

[PC] = Computer
[Mobile] = iSO/Android Application

[inactive] = Guild still exists, but limited or no support.
  • PC Games
  • The Matrix Online [closed][PC]
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online [inactive][PC]
  • EVE Online [inactive][PC]
  • TERA [inactive][PC]
  • Warframe [inactive][PC]
  • WH40K Eternal Crusade [inactive][PC]
  • Mobile Games
  • Clash of Clans [active][Mobile]
  • Boom Beach [inactive][Mobile]
  • Racing Rivals [inactive][Mobile]
  • Battle Beach [inactive][Mobile]
  • Dungeon Keeper [inactive][Mobile]
  • Marvel Contest of Champions [inactive][Mobile]
  • Marvel Future Fight [active][Mobile]
  • MARVEL Avengers Academy [*inactive][Mobile]
  • Clash Royale [inactive][Mobile]
  • Animation Throwdown: TQFC [inactive][Mobile]
  • Shadowverse [*inactive][Mobile]
  • The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault [inactive][Mobile]
  • Marvel Strike Force [active][Mobile]
* no in game guild/clan functionality.
General / Re: Obelisk the secret powerhouse
« Last post by Deadmanwade on September 08, 2016, 01:16:10 AM »
Some nice obelisks there sir.  Good write up
General / Obelisk the secret powerhouse
« Last post by Rumbaar on September 03, 2016, 12:06:35 PM »
Random can be a cruel mistress at times, and costly.  I'm hoping to post a thread on best minimum starting stats to both upgrading and some good stats to aim for, for specific characters.

I'll post some nice ones I have and what can be achieved.

This is one of those great self for-filling obelisk, with a double HP boost and then a self generating HP event it means you have self healing capabilities on any character.  So couple with one that heals themselves for added boost or on another character than can't heal but will benefit with survivability.  It would be better if it trigger at 50% and a lower cool-down, but it's only a 3* obelisk.  I'd be hesitant to upgrade this and loose a great combo. I've not equipped this on anyone yet, still deciding.

This one is a little overkill for who I have it on, Floki, but it adds to cold damage and overall defense. I had an old school 50% cold boost, but when they changed over stupidly used it to make an obelisk before I knew that was a silly mistake.  The ability to heal every 8 seconds, once hit 50% heal means she is very hard to kill via shield and this heal boost.  With any slow damage like bleed, triggering the heal to counter the loss of HP.  Only killer is burst high DPS, which is only the issue in World Boss.

I have this one replacing my old school 50% electricity boost on T2 BW, which offers slightly higher DPS if triggered.  Though the physical damage boost is only beneficial for two of her skills.   I wish it had a HP recovery trigger like the top two and I'm working on a dodge boost obelisk to increase her survivability.  As she has the DPS, but can be prone to damage and not getting hit is the best way to avoid that :)
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