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Omega Syndicate Guidelines
« on: November 12, 2009, 05:19:52 PM »
(As carried over from the original Omega Syndicate Guidelines and updated for present day OS)

What is the Omega Syndicate?

The Omega Syndicate is first and foremost a family of friendly, supportive and helpful game players. To sum it up we ’re a group of players who have been around since the beta days of MxO in 2004.  Primarily in the name of what's good and just, we try to enhance the enjoyment of the games we play via team mates and teamwork.

We wouldn't be classified as a purely PvP group nor a purely RP group, or a purely anything group for that matter.  Instead we try and cater to everyone’s individual play styles. We're up for all aspects of the game, but above all else, just plain having fun together!

There’s no level requirement either, as long as you’re a mature, friendly gamer then you’re welcome here. New to the game? Fear not! The Omega Syndicate will be there every step of the way to help you along your journey inside the worlds of code (gaming worlds) that keep us coming back.

But what about timezone? All welcome we say.

But to finish up, over anything else, we are a group that believes in helping others any time humanly possible. Be it through the site, IM, VOIP or (oddly enough) in-game!
General OS Guidelines

1. Enjoy yourself

2. Be friendly and courteous to your fellow faction mates, team mates and gamers. Respect for yourself and others.

3. No Ganking, Griefing, or other 'un-friendly' or un-sportsmanship behaviour!

4. Agree to check the private section of the forum (once a member) often and be an active member of the site.

5. Agree to wear an Omega Syndicate 'uniform' at special events (If applicable)

6. Agree to share any intelligence or knowledge with fellow Faction members on an equal manner.

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