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Obelisk the secret powerhouse
« on: September 03, 2016, 12:06:35 PM »
Random can be a cruel mistress at times, and costly.  I'm hoping to post a thread on best minimum starting stats to both upgrading and some good stats to aim for, for specific characters.

I'll post some nice ones I have and what can be achieved.

This is one of those great self for-filling obelisk, with a double HP boost and then a self generating HP event it means you have self healing capabilities on any character.  So couple with one that heals themselves for added boost or on another character than can't heal but will benefit with survivability.  It would be better if it trigger at 50% and a lower cool-down, but it's only a 3* obelisk.  I'd be hesitant to upgrade this and loose a great combo. I've not equipped this on anyone yet, still deciding.

This one is a little overkill for who I have it on, Floki, but it adds to cold damage and overall defense. I had an old school 50% cold boost, but when they changed over stupidly used it to make an obelisk before I knew that was a silly mistake.  The ability to heal every 8 seconds, once hit 50% heal means she is very hard to kill via shield and this heal boost.  With any slow damage like bleed, triggering the heal to counter the loss of HP.  Only killer is burst high DPS, which is only the issue in World Boss.

I have this one replacing my old school 50% electricity boost on T2 BW, which offers slightly higher DPS if triggered.  Though the physical damage boost is only beneficial for two of her skills.   I wish it had a HP recovery trigger like the top two and I'm working on a dodge boost obelisk to increase her survivability.  As she has the DPS, but can be prone to damage and not getting hit is the best way to avoid that :)

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Re: Obelisk the secret powerhouse
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 01:16:10 AM »
Some nice obelisks there sir.  Good write up