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Heroes / Corvus Glaive by Wade
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 30, 2016, 04:03:29 AM »
So a couple of you have asked about Corvus and I figured I would lead off with him.  I will skip all of the bio info that a lot of these guides put up as you either know it or can look up a much more complete guide than I could give in this space.

Corvus can be one of the more frustrating World Boss characters to play against, thankfully, that frustration can aid you on your quest for Future Fight domination.

Why to Choose Corvus:  Summons, Durability, iframes, Invulnerability, decent damage, on attack striker, cooldown leadership ability, stun lock, extra life

Why to not chose Corvus:  relatively low hit points, not as damaging as other black order characters, one waste of a skill

While Corvus may not be a beastly damage dealer like some other Black Order characters( looking at Thanos, Super Giant and Proxima) he offers something they do not, amazing survivability and the ability to make a mistake without suffering too poorly.

Lets start by looking at his skills:

Boogeyman:  This is the first skill and it is 100% useless.  It does not do much damage, takes forever and has no control on it.  Don't waste points on it

Pain Wheel:  This is going to be one of your main damage dealers, Corvus jumps back (with a single iframe so good at interrupting attacks) and shoots off three waves of energy damage at the target.
Very good skill but be careful, you cannot cancel out of this skill and thus if you are not careful you can be left open to a fairly powerful counter attack.

Piercing Strike:  very good in all modes except World Boss.  Corvus lunges forward and stabs repeatedly at a target, stunning them for the duration and 3 seconds afterwards.  This is one of the things that makes Corvus potent in Timeline.

Deadly Charge:  here is the reason I chose Corvus, minions.  This summons about 6 corvus minions to attack.  This is a life saver in all modes as most AI only targets what is closest, leaving you to do damage from afar.

Peek-a-Boo:  Corvus leaps into the sky(iframe) and comes down three times, leaving craters in the ground.  he then has each of those crater;s spew out fire to strike those around it.  It has a fairly good range, tracks enemies fairly well, does both Physical and Energy damage, gives Corvus invulnerability for the 5 second duration and can be cancelled and still keep your immunity. In any match where you start out with all your skills available this is the first move.  Cancel out in between the second and third craters to summon minions.  The fire will still go off and you will be immune to damage for the summoning.  Beautiful.

Doppleganger:  Passive, if you die you come back with 100% health.  a thing of Beauty and is the other way that Corvus can survive a mistake on your part.  When you die you also come back with all of your skills available, so have at it.

Black Order General (Leadership)  up to 24% cooldown reduction, cannot complain.

Skill Rotation:  Not World Boss:
  You either want to begin with Peek-a-boo or piercing strike.  If it is timeline, it will be piercing strike in order to summon your guys in peace.  From there it is Peek-a-Boo, Pain Wheel and then either peek a boo or piering strike to get more minions when they disappear.

World Boss:  even Easier rotation:  Start with Peek-Aboo, cancel it after the second crater in order to still have invincibility to summon.  Summon then back away for Pain Wheel.  Repeat ad nauseum.  When you want to use co op attack make sure peek a boo is available to you in case he decides to use piercing strike or boogeyman as his attack.  As long as your are careful and stay away , this is an easy win on all days (with some more skill you might even be able to do ithanos, though your damage output will make it close.

Gear:  the first three gears are standard:  Physical Attack, All Defense, HP, the last is where it gets interesting.

I go with an even split between crit rate and damage.  With my cards,special gear, iso set and alliance bonus I have a crit rate of 57% and a crit damage of 154%, this is with only my weapon being at 20.
\Special Gear:  Crit rate +20.8%
                         Stun Resist
                        HP below 30%, 2 second invulnerable
 this is only a tier 3 obelisk and I am reticent to move it up as this is a great one for Corvus.

ISO Set:  Since I am only at 20% reduction from my cards I went with Smart Raccoon  at the level I have it and with the iso I have it gives me:

                   Physical Attack +164
                   All Attack +455(from iso) +8.5% from set
                   Energy Defense:  +445
                   Physical Defense +280
                   All Defense:  +8.5%
                   HP +432
                   Crit Rate:  +116,  +8.5%
                   Dodge:  +116
                   Crit Damage:  +8.5%
                   Cooldown Time 8.1%
The more I think about it, the more I realize Smart Raccoon may not be the best choice here.  Whenever I use Corvus, he is my leader.  Meaning I get his +24% boost.  Couple that with +20% from cards and then the +12% from the alliance and I am over the cap even before I count is the 8.1% I get from here.  Thankfully the other stats are very good on this set so I dont need to spend the insane amount of crystal to remove them.

So yeah, thats what I got on Corvus.  Will take suggestions for others
Cards / List of all cards and possible effects
« Last post by Rumbaar on August 28, 2016, 03:31:05 PM »
Found this site, and it appears to list a lot of the cards and variants. With all possible options, and selector.
World Bosses / Re: Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 1
« Last post by Rumbaar on August 28, 2016, 07:38:13 AM »
Awesome threads, I think I pick wrong strikers at times.  But still working on getting some of those to 6* so can use them.
World Bosses / Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 4
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 27, 2016, 06:13:16 AM »
The other cases

these are teams I am either still working on or are only useful in limited situations.

Bullseye (L), SongBird(T2), Green Goblin
This is a fairly new team for me to work on and is interesting as I do not yet have Bullseye fully mastered.  He is only there for the team up bonus and his leadership ability, he is a waste otherwise.  Green Goblin can be useful, with or without his costume.  He is a good oh crap button as he either has invulnerability or iframes to get out of danger.  The heavy lifter is Songbird.  Switch between her Shield and her 6 star.  Her 6 star does massive damage while her wall and bind does extra damage and deals with minions. Just keep moving.  Let the 6 star waves decimate all who come in its path

vs. Corvus Glaive:  The extra dodge ignore was very useful and will become even better when Bullseye is maxed.  nothing weird here, pretty easy clean up
vs. Super Giant: You cannot defeat the shield with this team unless yu are very good with Bullseye or have amazing physical strikers, just switch to GG for his immunity.
vs. Ebony Maw:  This squad did fairly well here.  Most of Songbird's attacks are quick and thus dont get interrupted by the iframes
vs. ThanosI have not checked this yet, but if his dispel hits both her shield and 6 star burst, this will be difficult.

assumed battles:
vs. Proxima Midnight:  I remember when Proxima was by far the hardest of all the BO characters.  I do not see this fight being difficult, shield burst and keep moving
vs. Black Dwarf:should be total decimation, just swap to GG during 3rd stage spins

She-Hulk(L), Sister Grimm, Singularity

Very solid team and one I used to rely on for wins each week.  I still rely on them for Black Dwarf days as they can clean house there.  Usually it is Sister Grimm who does everything. Clones, then pick your spots with her other skills.

vs. Black Dwarf:  this is the easiest one to win.  Getting through his first two stages is no problem.  When he gets to his third it can be tricky as he will desroy the clones quick but if you are careful and have not neglected singularity(especially her uber damaging 6 star skill) you should be fine.
vs. the rest:  while I have beaten all other wb (save for iThanos) with this team, they are much harder.  Stunlock and pure damage from other WB take a lot out of this team, useable, but difficult)

WW(L), Daisy, Iron Fist
This is the other reliable Black Dwarf cleaner.  When I want to beat him as often as possible without using t2 or Black Order charaacters, this is my go to.  it is all, WW buff, Daisy buff, then Iron Fist 5 and 6 star skills from as up close as possible.  Iron Fist's high Dodge stat will allow him to ignore the most of incoming punishment, but if you are unlucky, you will be crushed.  My worst luck ever required me to fight with this team 3 times before I got the win.

I may start playing around with other characters next week, especially if I have a request for a character, I might build them up and see what I can do.
Vs. Black Dwarf
World Bosses / Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 3
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 27, 2016, 03:50:15 AM »
Time for my Black Order teams:

Corvus Glaive (L), Hyperion, Black Bolt

Possible alternative:  Swap Hyperion for Spider-man for extra crit damage, dodge and attack speed, swap Hyperiod for lash for extra all attack and crit rate, Hyperion for black panther to get all attack and max hp.  I usually dont do this as Hyperion is a useful oh crap button if you get in trouble.

Hyperion and Black Bolt are only there because of team up bonuses, there may be better ones, and you could always throw ronin in as team lead, but Corvus' cooldown reduction leadership skill is my favorite.
The overall strategy is always the same. Hit your 6 star skill to get immunity so you can send in the clones.  Then alternate between 6 star and wave attack for more consistant damae, possibly throwing in his jab attack if you know the bosses attack patterns and are safe to do so.

vs. Proxima Midnight: spousal abuse.  No difference to main attack plan.  Usually your minions will get caught in the lightning stun leaving you free to attack.
vs. Black Dwarf:  normally i would avoid the physical here, but Corvus has some energy attacks and can do good damage, a little slwoer win here but should still be within 2 minutes.  Make sure you switch out when the red circle appears during his shield part as you do not want to waste a Corvus life on this
vs. Corvus Glaive:  mirror battle, no worries, hardest part is knowing which craters are yours and thus safe, and which are not.
vs. Super Giant:  total destruction.. Just avoid the normal pitful and you are fine
vs. Ebony Maw:  as normal, just wait for him to use an iframe attack before you launch your 6 star or wave attack (but especially your 6 star) use some good strikers and boom
vs. Thanos:  the hardest part about this battle is getting your clones out and then far enough away so that Thanos' dispel hits them (which does nothing to them) instead of you.

WarWolf (Leader), Daisy, Proxima Midnight

possible swaps:  on Corvus/Thanos days I will swap Proxie in as leader, and sub Captain America in for War Wolf to really abuse the ignore dodge that Proxie's leadership gives.
This is my team overkill.  There are plenty of other people who could use the WW/Daisy combo, but I like having one team just be complete overkill and Proxie is usually the person for that.  Activate WW six star, swap to Daisy (costume is a must) use her buff, then swap to Proxie and watch the world burn.  I have had bosses that a single rotation of this kills them completely.  If not you can either decide to keep it up with Proxie, or swap to Daisy, wait for proxie to be ready again then buff and swap.  If it is against a particularly high damage boss, swap to WW, then when proxie is ready Daisy then roxie and repeat.  Very few bosses can survive this onslaught twice.  Mostly you use Proxie's 5 and 6 star but can use the two other throw attacks in order to get some distance.

vs. Proxima Midnight: standard strategy, dead
vs. Black Dwarf:  Standard strategy but note.  After your first attack he may run to switch forms, if you immediately jumped to your 5 star you will waste the attack.  Same with a team up attack
vs. Corvus Glaive: spousal abuse part 2.  I wish I could use WW as a leader here due to Corvus having 3 forms which would be below 30% health, would be an easy cheat.  Anyway, with the swap from above this is an easy fight, i will often not use ww/daisy on the first form and just kill it with proxie quick as the daisy ww combo into proxie can kill one of his forms dead with one 6 star attack
vs. Super Giant:  Just be careful when she puts up her energy shield, you will probably not be able to break it, just swap to someone expendable in case your timing is poor and kill away.
vs. Ebony Maw:  as usual, wait for ebony to use an iframe, one daisy powered 6 star will wipe out 1 or 2 stages of ebony
vs. Thanos:  as you can see, WW is useless here, his buff just does not work.  If you ahve very high crit rate and damage you might consider keeping him in due to Thanos having high health therefore the leadership skill will be useful for awhile.  be careful with your daisy buff as Thanos will strip it.
World Bosses / Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 2
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 27, 2016, 03:00:43 AM »
Carnage (L), Venom, Spider-Man

a maxed out Carnage is still a dangerous thing against many, many World Bosses, not all, but most.

vs. Proxima Midnight:  as long as you are careful this is an easy win.  Only use Carnage's 6 and 3(ithink, the one that makes healing globs) and Team-up.  If you have a decently built Carnage, and you are diligent about picking up healing globes, you should be fine. If you get caught in stun lock, as always team up and if you think you wont get out switch to Spider-man and use his 6 star to stay out of trouble until Team up is back or you think you can heal with Carnage
vs. Black Dwarf:  I never use this team vs Black Dwarf due to its over reliance on physical and Black Dwarf's physical resisitance
vs Corvus Glaive:  This is a dangerous team to chose, due to Corvus' proclivity to sitting in his own craters, meaning Carnage will be taking consistant damage when he attacks, but it is doable, mostly do to healing globes. The other danger is that Corvus summons minions who will step on your healing globes and take them away from you.
v. Super Giant: As normal, unless you get particularly unlucky with fear into standing in lasers, you should be fine, He seems to be immune to fear when he is using his 6 and 3 star attacks, but I could be wrong and have just gotten lucky with timing.
vs. Ebony Maw:  I do not recommend this team here.  Most of Carnage's Attacks have long animations, which will lead Ebony to iframe and many missed attacks.  Also, his minions will cause you to waste some of your attacks on them, plus will eat up your healing globes.
vs. Thanos:  Carnage team is a good choice here as he does not rely on buffs to do his damage.  Solid fight, just make sure to switch if you are about to be hit for major damage and your globes are on cooldown

Goliath(L), Ant-Man, Yellowjacket

this team works the same for any of the bosses that you can use them on.  It is mostly ant-man's 5 star, then team up, then ant-man's 5 star, then swap to either golaith or yellowjacket until it is ready to go again. You need to always have 1 cooldown 10% reduction striker (I prefer Yondu myself)
vs. Proxima:  Good team choice, use above strategy
vs. Black Dwarf:  This is primarily a physical team and BD is resistant to physical, not a team up I often use here.
vs. Corvus Glaive:  Due to the need for dodge ignore strikers, I will not often use this team as my dodge ignore strikers are not that buff.  When I did not have as diverse of a roster I would use this team but it would often get down to the last minute before I won.  Do able, just not easy
vs. Super Giant:  easy win.  Goliath is great for stripping down her energy shield she puts up.  Just be careful of the usual and you are fine
vs. Ebony Maw:  Rough fight as Ebony can cancel your 5 star skill by using an iframe of his own.  This does not happen as often if you wait to start the chain after Ebony has used one of his own iframe attacks
vs. Thanos:  You will not get to use Ant-Man's buff for that long as it will be stripped from you.  If you have him t2 it will happen less, but this team works fairly well as they are mobile and have a lot of iframes, make sure to switch ant-man out when third wave starts, you dont want to lose your main attacker due to bad luck
World Bosses / Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 1
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 27, 2016, 01:54:46 AM »
These are the teams I use frequently:

Captain Marvel (L), Floki, Red Skull
Possible Substitutes (ModoK for energy team lead.  Ronin for overall buff to Loki, Coulson as a sub for red skull, gives similar cooldown but has better offensive options)
This is a mild change from a pretty standard team.  Cap is only there for her 30% energy damage lead.  Red Skull is only there for the cooldown reduction team up with Loki.  Floki does ALL the heavy lifting for this group, the only time I ever switch to one of the others is if someone gets lucky and drain my shield.
Vs. Proxima:  as long as you have some lightning resist strikers this should be an easy win.  During the last stage of the battle you may want to save your team-up for emergencies as this will break you from stun lock.  If this happens it will be the only time in this fight that I swap out.  As always with Floki teams, the clones do all the work, just run around making sure your shield stays up.
Vs. Black Dwarf:  I n general this should be an easy battle, really the only danger is him beginning his ground pound early in round 2.  Once the ground pound starts, make sure you are staying away and letting clones exclusively do the damage.  If you get caught in the spin in stage 3, or think you are about to, time to swicth.
Vs. Corvus Glave:  Ugh, second roughest fight for a FLoki team.  If you do not have alot of dodge ignore strikers, be prepared to do alot of work.  Unfortunately, since the dodge ignore does not affect the clones, the last stage is all you and your circle.  best bet here is to make sure you have at least one or two strong strikers as they seem to ignore Corvus' high dodge.  this one probably takes the longest for a Floki team
Vs. Super Giant:  With her high energy resistance, this could be a difficult battle for a Floki team, but it really isn't  Just go all in with your strongest on attack strikers.  Maybe throwing in Sister Grimm (who doesnt give on attack but is +10% energy)
vs. Ebony Maw:  Ebony is a pain with his iframes, but Floki does not care about these things   Load up[ on good strikers and make sure you only hit the team up after Ebony has finished an iframe attack, he is less likely to use another one immediately and you can get most of your team up attack off
vs. Thanos:  hardest battle for FLoki.  requires good kiting ability, smart use of shield and Cooldown on both self and team-up.  The trick is to get Thanos off of his first form as quick as possible.  This is the form that dispels more than the others.  Strong strikers will allow you to do this reasonably quick, should be the first minute or minute and a half.  After this it will be possible to get into a rhythm, especially when Thanos does the attack which errupts from him in 8 different directions.  He will stay there for awhile, just stay in a zone you are safe and unload on him.  When he switches to his third form and rains fire from the sky, I always switch to Cap who is pretty fast and can stay ahead of the blasts.  Also, she is the most expendable on the team as her lack of iframes really hurt.

Starlord(L), SharoN Rogers (T2), Sharon Carter

Possible Substitutions:  War Wolf (lead), Daisy.  Very potent combo for Sharon as you can do massive damage if timed right, although I save them for my Proxie team, explained in a later post)

Starlord is only here for his leader ability and Sharon Carter is only here to give Rogers extra cooldown

vs. Proxima: easy battle here, Proxie's own insane damage will work against here pretty severely.  Just shield, 5 and 6 skill your way to victory
vs. Black Dwarf: another mostly easy battle here, unless he gets overzealous with his ground pound when your shield is on cooldown.  Strategy is the same.
vs. Corvus Glaive: as always, dodge ignore strikers are your bread and butter here, without them there will be many attempts.  If you can time your shield for when he uses his 3 row attack, especially if your are close, you can do massive damage
vs. Super Giant:  hahahah, easy, only thing to watch out for is poorly timed fear trapping you in lasers when your shield is on cooldown.  Probably the easiest of all the bosses for Sharon R.
vs. Ebony Maw:  Annoying as always.  Careful timing of skills is key as many of your skills take too long.  Often you will lose out on the strike associated with the shield, but he should be easy to hit hard back
vs Thanos:  Thanos being able to strip your shield is highly annoying but you can still do massive damage to him quickly to take him out of this mode.  Once he gets to stage 2 this is a standard tank and spank
vs. iThanos:  SHaron is the only team I have been able to beat iThanos with at this point.  It is similar to normal Thanos but requires more knowledge of his attack pattersn to know when to use your iframes.  Before any of his fire from the sky attacks(he steps into a portal on the ground) use an iframe attack and you will cancel his skill use.  Smart tags can do the same thing.  The one time I beat him My Sharon was the last one standing and only had 120 hp left.
Cards / Re: My current card sets.
« Last post by Deadmanwade on August 25, 2016, 03:08:52 AM »
those are some awesome cards with a sexy Cooldown rate.  Only two wasted stats, that is some solid work sir
Cards / My current card sets.
« Last post by Rumbaar on August 24, 2016, 02:19:29 PM »
For me I feel that Skill Cooldown is the most important of the skills to max, with the current max of 50% you need to try and get close to it but don't waste other gear slots on it.

My best card stats-wise, I don't think I could have gotten a better combination of options.

Of course Loki is key in any card list, with 2 important primary stats.  Lucky here not any major wasted options.

Marvel Zombies, once again because of 2 important primary stats.   It's a shame I have 2 wasted skills here, and I'm working on advancing or replacing this one with a better combination

Black Widow because of her decent primary stats, and it's current secondary stats of Skill Cooldown.  Still working on a higher card with Skill Cooldown to replace with.

Punisher is only here for the Skill Cooldown, Defense Penetration is okay.  But I would rather have some better skill boosts, working on a better version or alternate option. 

Current stats, with 31.2% Skill Cooldown I can get almost maxed cooldown with some gear slot focus or hero specific traits.  All attack and dodge boosts are good.  But working on a better Drax to possibly replace Punisher

This was my latest result of Drax, and lost out on some better attack boosts unfortunately.   Now to use or use in a combination to fix other Mythical?

Cards / Re: Deadmanwade Cards
« Last post by Rumbaar on August 24, 2016, 12:35:12 PM »
Nice consolidated stats, with limited wasted ones.  Which is very hard to do.  I feel Skill Cooldown is the best of the stats to focus on and mine focus on getting that high, I'll post my current cards soon.
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