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Title: Mabar, The Endless Night Festival - Banning!!
Post by: Rumbaar on November 10, 2010, 03:06:56 PM
Well the recent event was a mostly waste of time, and only ran for one weekend.  I played for only a few hours, as I've been really bored with DDO as a whole.  Also I think in my XFIRE I've not even logged any hours.

But got this e-mail that I exploited and banned for 3 days.  WTF, one lucky I don't really care to play.  But the fact that I have not even the slightest clue what I did that could be considered an exploit.  How fucked up can a coded system be that through normal action be an exploit.

The fact they couldn't even code the sale of scales right themselves is one indication of their poor coding and QA skills 1 scale = 10,000 motes, max stack for a motes 9,999. um der!!!

copy of e-mail, make note of the sentence that doesn't make sense.

Your Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach account has been suspended as a result of a  confirmed Player Code of Conduct violation.

This suspension is for 3 days .

Specifically, a Game Master determined that you Recently we conducted an investigation into an exploit that was being utilized in Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, involving our recent Mabar, The Endless Night Festival.  As a result of that investigation, your account has been identified in utilizing this exploit.

Please be advised that use of an exploit is strictly prohibited by our Code of Conduct:

“17.  You will not exploit, distribute or publicly communicate any game error, miscue or bug which gives an unintended advantage within the Dungeons & Dragons Online game world. Bugs should be reported via the Ingame Bug Reporting Form.”

You can find more information regarding the associated policy at the following URL:
Our ultimate goal is to provide an appropriately safe, fun, and engaging experience for our entire player community. To that end, the Player Code of Conduct must be enforced.

If you have any information that you feel would alter the decision made in this action, please visit, and follow the links to the In-Game Support help page to submit your appeal. Note that all account actions are taken only after a significant amount of research and verification is performed to ensure proper Code of Conduct enforcement. In addition, if you have received a temporary suspension, it will expire automatically - you do not need to contact us to have a temporary suspension removed at its conclusion.

Turbine In-Game Support Team

I'm not even bothered to contact them, and hundreds of players are creating threads on the official forums.  With one thread reaching 8+ pages before deletion.  Shame a mate never heard back when he was banned when the guilds renown bullshit hit the fan.

Turbine once again, you fail.
Title: Re: Mabar, The Endless Night Festival - Banning!!
Post by: Rumbaar on November 11, 2010, 08:31:50 AM
Well now it seems it was all an automated error.

Quote from: Tolero
Last night, some DDO players received erroneous temporary suspensions or warnings regarding an exploit. Due to a technical issue in our exploit suspension process some players participating in the Mabar festival event were incorrectly notified of a rules violation. Any accounts that were temporarily banned as a result of this issue will have their account access restored and will be credited 100 Turbine Points. Any accounts that received warnings will have those warnings removed from their record.

This error was an isolated incident and should have no further impact for any DDO players. As always, we welcome player feedback on all aspects of DDO and continually seek to improve the quality of the service we provide to players.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion and thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve the issue.

The fact the 'automated' e-mail had, at least, two different version I've seen with wording incorrect in one.  Would indicate to me more than an automated process was involved in this error.

Also the fact it was 7+ days after the event and this statement about a Games Master investigated either means it's a lie when it's automated or not a lie and human is at fault.  Either way there is internal 'exploit' trouble within Turbine.

Quote from: Tolero
Less than a percent of users were impacted by the issue, but we will be contacting all of the impacted accounts. Note that if your contact info in your account is incorrect that you may not receive the email, but the lifting of the suspension will still happen.
More people were affected by Offer Wall and/or Premium->Free account downgrades but they didn't do anything.  The fact that there is this token offer of 100TP would indicate to me more than a percent of users [but I guess with a million inactive accounts a less than percent would be a high number of actual users] were affected it as was serious internal issues.

Quote from: Tolero
Still reading, but did want to clarify: there was an exploit in the summoning chamber, but it has been fixed with today's patch. We are also reviewing our exploit suspension process in detail. Thanks for your patience and very sorry for the inconvenience!
I did 5 summoning runs, with 1 failure.  But it's a combat 'public' instance with 16+ people that you do not choose and have no way of even knowing are in your instance.  But their poor game mechanics lump all people within that instance as exploiters.  Pathetic.