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It's a level 7 quest. Nao and I managed to finish it on hard with level 6 toons.  ;D  When we started Eldraine was with us. There is a fire trap corridor, very tough to live through if you can't disable it. We ran into major trouble with the stone golems. Nao was trapped on the wrong side of the barrier, and couldn't keep us alive. Eldy had to bail, but Nao and I decided to keep going. It took me two spirit cakes to clear out those golems, but I managed. There is a boss minotaur you have to kill to get a key. I managed to take him out, but his henchmen got me. That's when Nao shined. Got my soulstone and lead them on a merry chase all over the dungeon. I finally managed to resurrect, and then I was able to pick them off one at a time, because they were no longer together. We were way out of our league, but we perservered and got through.


Glad you got it done, I would have stuck around if I had known we were going to continue on.  But I thought we were stuck without a solution due to barriers we were stuck behind and no resurrections possible.

I think one of the hardest parts of that quest is finding your way around using the 2D map on a 3D playing field, as all paths are on top of each other etc.

Well I've got the Wholeness of Body now, so for 10 ki [easy to get] I can activate for some 30sec healing action.  Which can when not in combat usually get me to full health.  So hopefully can take some pressure of any clerics, as can heal out of combat.  It has a ~150sec cool down. But that's not long to wait.

Well didn't help much when we all get wipped, need to re-think tactics next time we get to the earth elementals.  Use some of those uber cookies I think.

Well, we tried it again yesterday on elite. We all got badly toasted by the stone elementals. We really need to think up some strategy for them. Any advice would be appreciated. The fire trap is nasty too, because you have to disable it at the bottom. Some of the flames shoot from the ceiling, so jumping doesn't help. Fire immunity needed for that. 2D maps :P. I'm trying to work on that. I seem to get lost too easily. Multiple runs, take care of that, as you learn the mod, I suppose.


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