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Delara's Tomb is HARD

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Well, to those of you who know that already, my apologies :)

Ran the chain last night with Zal and Grax and had fun, but it was a fair slog. Couldn't even finish the last one as we got hammered on normal. We had a bunch of wizards with us and one wanted to tell us all how to do the quests. He just made it a little difficult by not being the best communicator.

He wasn't happy with Naoshika not killing anything either, but them is the breaks. I will need to get her supporting more with some other spells. The problem is, every time I seem to try to do something other than healing, someone gets killed! If only I were younger and faster  ;)

Ran Redwillow's too, with Eldy as well, and that was a bunch of fun. Big honking buggers stomping everywhere....scary .

Been having a lot of fun running groups with other guildies. It is nice to have a core of people around who I can play with and not worry about massaging some random person's ego all the time.

With Aravok back around now we will have a sweet group if we can get online together. Looking forward to playing more with all you guys

Yeah, giants a big!

How many chains were in the Redwillows run?  Shame I missed the end and I've never done Delara's Tomb, sounds like it would have been interesting.

Oh nice undead.  The monk with the Hands of Light heal attack can do some decent damage to undead as well, but yes not as much as a TWF ranger.

All i have to say is damn the time difference, good books that catch my attention, and modern warfare 2. And of course playing Guildwars for some odd reason lol

That was fun doing it, I'm spewin' I had to go ... when the boss calls ... ya gotta give ya attention ;)

Hope we can run the 3rd and up again or the whole thing again some time.


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