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Another good night with great groups


After you left MS, I hooked up with two groups. The first was pretty good and we did Kobold Assault on Hard then Elite. Pretty easy and was just a kill fest.

Then I made a group with a nice mix and we did WaterWorks on Elite. We finished in under an hour without zerging. Everyone stuck together and played their role really well. Only one death in the party over the four quests! Not too shabby. A good bunch of players. Oh and I didn't use a shrine once the whole time!!!! Cleric barely healed me too and I had highest kill count. Sneaking rocks  ;D

Now I am only 3K off lvl 7, finally!!!!!  ;)

Nice, congrats.  I was looking for a group to do Kobold Assault but couldn't find one :(  I tried it solo on hard with a fighter hireling.  The swarm is bareable, but got locked down both of use and then with the intial zerg dead.

Nice work on the WaterWorks run, it's a good initial 'pre raid' chain to go through.  Sounds like a good party, with a nice speed run.

I just did a Looking for group, got a good 6 man team to run it on elite.  We killed it.  Was a good lot, shame I couldn't stay on.  Had to go and help Dan.  They wanted to run a WW, it's a shame when I can't put a good session in.

You might have to go into the device options and enable the mouse, I had to do that on mine as well.

Yeah, got Win7 and spend most of the night installing ... and re-installing ...

Nice run, haven't done that one before.  Ha! You can recruit too you know :P

Yeah, that was a time waster.  It wasn't one with that group that made it easier either.  I hadn't done it before, so that didn't help and the one that seemed to have done it didn't really know where to go.  I forgot to take a screenshot of the map.

Also acid and me jumping doesn't equal a good time.  Lucky others were able to do that part.  I only got around 2.8 k and waste a stack of Moderate Cure wand to heal myself and the two tanks.  Certainly need a well organized and similar leveled characters.  Definitely need a healer of some kind.


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