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Ran WaterWorks on Elite


Well hooked up with a random LTG party doing the WW on Elite.  Which I was about to create and look for, so it was good timing.

We had a fighter, a pally, healing cleric and others.  6 in total including myself, so couldn't caste my Cleric VI hireling.  But the cleric was very good, so was the paladin as it buffed regularly and healed.

The 4 part quest chain run doing all optionals only took 2 hours or so and got at least 21k XP.  Took me well past and up to level 7.  I'm sure the 50% bonus for first elite run helped, but even without that a good XP for a few runs.  A good combat 3 and 2-3 hirelings cleric/paladin would be a decent run.

Yeah, we'll run it again. For sure, but yes a shame.


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