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What time are you on?

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Post what time you are playing so that we can find each other in game. Put your timezone and general play times. You don't need to feel any pressure to play at those times, this is just a general guideline so we can aim to get together where possible.

For example:

Hakuba (Guemon) - Melbourne, Australia GMT+10 (+11 DST) - Usually on after kids have gone to bed, so 9pm - 12pm. Occasionally on during the day in weekends ;)

Rumbaar (Darkbaine) - Melbourne, Australia GMT+10 (+11 DST) - Usually on after around 7pm - till late.  Weekends during the day, random times.

 Depends on the circumstance, I can get on anywhere from 1 pm till 6-7pm, then 11pm till whenever i go to bed. I'm in the states as you already know or should. I get on so often because school(college) hasn't started yet .I pick my classes this Monday and i start sometime in January , not sure how going to school with change my game play but it might.

Yeah, it can be random during summer for us as well.  I saw you online tonight, sent a message or two to the guild chat but I guess you were busy.

I was probably in waterworks. i got like 1-2 ranks into lv 5 :D


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