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Hey, i was wondering if we could get some extra options for posting stuff here.  Ideally what I would like is a place where we can discuss our cards(what we have, what we should have, both individually and as a set), our characters(levels, iso sets, gear load out, strategy to use, teams, etc), our World Boss teams (with times and strategy), our dimension rift info (with times), Alliance battle (teams and strategy) our miscellaneous(shield lab, anything else we feel like discussing) and perhaps a bio section about how long we have been playing, VIP level, etc)

So what do we think, did I cover everything?

Sure can setup some of those, though some of those can be served as threads within general sections?

Its your site sir, you design how you want, I just like things very orderly and threads can get very long and cumbersome to follow.

Okay I've created some child boards to better organize them.  We'll see how it goes.

Will be great to have a shared resource for ideal team and hero combinations and settings.


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