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Took Graxor on an explorer/slayer run, today. Used a hireling cleric. Got owned twice, both times because hirelings are so effing stupid  :-\. This is a good area for our main toons at their current level. The gift shop acts as a high level broker for all items. I found a +5 plate there, and got good prices for stuff I sold. There is also a bank in the same building.

Found 3 rares, and the chests had good loot. XP is good too.
Inhabitants so far: Wildmen. Feeblemind and slow from casters. Trolls need fire or acid to finish them off. Razorcats like to trip, similar to lions in the Cerulean Hills. Very large rust monsters. Duergar seem to like buffing spells, stoneskin was popular.  Hyaenas and scorpions are easiest fights.

I only saw 2 quests, haven't found the entrances yet.

Feeblemind is a killer for our casters. Int and Cha of 1 until rest.  :-[


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