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Delara's Tomb is HARD

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Yeah, need some DPS that's for sure.

Stormcleave if done right on normal and get all the optional stuff is amazing i did twice on my paladin. Oh btw make sure you get two healers lol. Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength,and Soundburst are very nice.

Graxor here.  We ran it again yesterday, and managed to finish it on hard.  ;D  Part of the problem we had the first day is we had a couple of invites who were running out of time. We tried to zerg the last one, and ran into a lot of trouble, as the dungeon alert steadily advanced to red. As for Naoshika not killing, Nao's job is to keep us alive, not draw agg. A dead cleric is no use to anyone.

Once you're in a quest even if the invite expires [Guest pass?] the person isn't booted, it's just that can't return if they leave the quest area.  Like a hireling after their timer is up.

Or that is to the best of my knowledge.


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