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Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 1
« on: August 27, 2016, 01:54:46 AM »
These are the teams I use frequently:

Captain Marvel (L), Floki, Red Skull
Possible Substitutes (ModoK for energy team lead.  Ronin for overall buff to Loki, Coulson as a sub for red skull, gives similar cooldown but has better offensive options)
This is a mild change from a pretty standard team.  Cap is only there for her 30% energy damage lead.  Red Skull is only there for the cooldown reduction team up with Loki.  Floki does ALL the heavy lifting for this group, the only time I ever switch to one of the others is if someone gets lucky and drain my shield.
Vs. Proxima:  as long as you have some lightning resist strikers this should be an easy win.  During the last stage of the battle you may want to save your team-up for emergencies as this will break you from stun lock.  If this happens it will be the only time in this fight that I swap out.  As always with Floki teams, the clones do all the work, just run around making sure your shield stays up.
Vs. Black Dwarf:  I n general this should be an easy battle, really the only danger is him beginning his ground pound early in round 2.  Once the ground pound starts, make sure you are staying away and letting clones exclusively do the damage.  If you get caught in the spin in stage 3, or think you are about to, time to swicth.
Vs. Corvus Glave:  Ugh, second roughest fight for a FLoki team.  If you do not have alot of dodge ignore strikers, be prepared to do alot of work.  Unfortunately, since the dodge ignore does not affect the clones, the last stage is all you and your circle.  best bet here is to make sure you have at least one or two strong strikers as they seem to ignore Corvus' high dodge.  this one probably takes the longest for a Floki team
Vs. Super Giant:  With her high energy resistance, this could be a difficult battle for a Floki team, but it really isn't  Just go all in with your strongest on attack strikers.  Maybe throwing in Sister Grimm (who doesnt give on attack but is +10% energy)
vs. Ebony Maw:  Ebony is a pain with his iframes, but Floki does not care about these things   Load up[ on good strikers and make sure you only hit the team up after Ebony has finished an iframe attack, he is less likely to use another one immediately and you can get most of your team up attack off
vs. Thanos:  hardest battle for FLoki.  requires good kiting ability, smart use of shield and Cooldown on both self and team-up.  The trick is to get Thanos off of his first form as quick as possible.  This is the form that dispels more than the others.  Strong strikers will allow you to do this reasonably quick, should be the first minute or minute and a half.  After this it will be possible to get into a rhythm, especially when Thanos does the attack which errupts from him in 8 different directions.  He will stay there for awhile, just stay in a zone you are safe and unload on him.  When he switches to his third form and rains fire from the sky, I always switch to Cap who is pretty fast and can stay ahead of the blasts.  Also, she is the most expendable on the team as her lack of iframes really hurt.

Starlord(L), SharoN Rogers (T2), Sharon Carter

Possible Substitutions:  War Wolf (lead), Daisy.  Very potent combo for Sharon as you can do massive damage if timed right, although I save them for my Proxie team, explained in a later post)

Starlord is only here for his leader ability and Sharon Carter is only here to give Rogers extra cooldown

vs. Proxima: easy battle here, Proxie's own insane damage will work against here pretty severely.  Just shield, 5 and 6 skill your way to victory
vs. Black Dwarf: another mostly easy battle here, unless he gets overzealous with his ground pound when your shield is on cooldown.  Strategy is the same.
vs. Corvus Glaive: as always, dodge ignore strikers are your bread and butter here, without them there will be many attempts.  If you can time your shield for when he uses his 3 row attack, especially if your are close, you can do massive damage
vs. Super Giant:  hahahah, easy, only thing to watch out for is poorly timed fear trapping you in lasers when your shield is on cooldown.  Probably the easiest of all the bosses for Sharon R.
vs. Ebony Maw:  Annoying as always.  Careful timing of skills is key as many of your skills take too long.  Often you will lose out on the strike associated with the shield, but he should be easy to hit hard back
vs Thanos:  Thanos being able to strip your shield is highly annoying but you can still do massive damage to him quickly to take him out of this mode.  Once he gets to stage 2 this is a standard tank and spank
vs. iThanos:  SHaron is the only team I have been able to beat iThanos with at this point.  It is similar to normal Thanos but requires more knowledge of his attack pattersn to know when to use your iframes.  Before any of his fire from the sky attacks(he steps into a portal on the ground) use an iframe attack and you will cancel his skill use.  Smart tags can do the same thing.  The one time I beat him My Sharon was the last one standing and only had 120 hp left.
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Re: Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 1
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2016, 07:38:13 AM »
Awesome threads, I think I pick wrong strikers at times.  But still working on getting some of those to 6* so can use them.