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Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 3
« on: August 27, 2016, 03:50:15 AM »
Time for my Black Order teams:

Corvus Glaive (L), Hyperion, Black Bolt

Possible alternative:  Swap Hyperion for Spider-man for extra crit damage, dodge and attack speed, swap Hyperiod for lash for extra all attack and crit rate, Hyperion for black panther to get all attack and max hp.  I usually dont do this as Hyperion is a useful oh crap button if you get in trouble.

Hyperion and Black Bolt are only there because of team up bonuses, there may be better ones, and you could always throw ronin in as team lead, but Corvus' cooldown reduction leadership skill is my favorite.
The overall strategy is always the same. Hit your 6 star skill to get immunity so you can send in the clones.  Then alternate between 6 star and wave attack for more consistant damae, possibly throwing in his jab attack if you know the bosses attack patterns and are safe to do so.

vs. Proxima Midnight: spousal abuse.  No difference to main attack plan.  Usually your minions will get caught in the lightning stun leaving you free to attack.
vs. Black Dwarf:  normally i would avoid the physical here, but Corvus has some energy attacks and can do good damage, a little slwoer win here but should still be within 2 minutes.  Make sure you switch out when the red circle appears during his shield part as you do not want to waste a Corvus life on this
vs. Corvus Glaive:  mirror battle, no worries, hardest part is knowing which craters are yours and thus safe, and which are not.
vs. Super Giant:  total destruction.. Just avoid the normal pitful and you are fine
vs. Ebony Maw:  as normal, just wait for him to use an iframe attack before you launch your 6 star or wave attack (but especially your 6 star) use some good strikers and boom
vs. Thanos:  the hardest part about this battle is getting your clones out and then far enough away so that Thanos' dispel hits them (which does nothing to them) instead of you.

WarWolf (Leader), Daisy, Proxima Midnight

possible swaps:  on Corvus/Thanos days I will swap Proxie in as leader, and sub Captain America in for War Wolf to really abuse the ignore dodge that Proxie's leadership gives.
This is my team overkill.  There are plenty of other people who could use the WW/Daisy combo, but I like having one team just be complete overkill and Proxie is usually the person for that.  Activate WW six star, swap to Daisy (costume is a must) use her buff, then swap to Proxie and watch the world burn.  I have had bosses that a single rotation of this kills them completely.  If not you can either decide to keep it up with Proxie, or swap to Daisy, wait for proxie to be ready again then buff and swap.  If it is against a particularly high damage boss, swap to WW, then when proxie is ready Daisy then roxie and repeat.  Very few bosses can survive this onslaught twice.  Mostly you use Proxie's 5 and 6 star but can use the two other throw attacks in order to get some distance.

vs. Proxima Midnight: standard strategy, dead
vs. Black Dwarf:  Standard strategy but note.  After your first attack he may run to switch forms, if you immediately jumped to your 5 star you will waste the attack.  Same with a team up attack
vs. Corvus Glaive: spousal abuse part 2.  I wish I could use WW as a leader here due to Corvus having 3 forms which would be below 30% health, would be an easy cheat.  Anyway, with the swap from above this is an easy fight, i will often not use ww/daisy on the first form and just kill it with proxie quick as the daisy ww combo into proxie can kill one of his forms dead with one 6 star attack
vs. Super Giant:  Just be careful when she puts up her energy shield, you will probably not be able to break it, just swap to someone expendable in case your timing is poor and kill away.
vs. Ebony Maw:  as usual, wait for ebony to use an iframe, one daisy powered 6 star will wipe out 1 or 2 stages of ebony
vs. Thanos:  as you can see, WW is useless here, his buff just does not work.  If you ahve very high crit rate and damage you might consider keeping him in due to Thanos having high health therefore the leadership skill will be useful for awhile.  be careful with your daisy buff as Thanos will strip it.