Author Topic: Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 4  (Read 7881 times)

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Wade's World Boss Team Strategy 4
« on: August 27, 2016, 06:13:16 AM »
The other cases

these are teams I am either still working on or are only useful in limited situations.

Bullseye (L), SongBird(T2), Green Goblin
This is a fairly new team for me to work on and is interesting as I do not yet have Bullseye fully mastered.  He is only there for the team up bonus and his leadership ability, he is a waste otherwise.  Green Goblin can be useful, with or without his costume.  He is a good oh crap button as he either has invulnerability or iframes to get out of danger.  The heavy lifter is Songbird.  Switch between her Shield and her 6 star.  Her 6 star does massive damage while her wall and bind does extra damage and deals with minions. Just keep moving.  Let the 6 star waves decimate all who come in its path

vs. Corvus Glaive:  The extra dodge ignore was very useful and will become even better when Bullseye is maxed.  nothing weird here, pretty easy clean up
vs. Super Giant: You cannot defeat the shield with this team unless yu are very good with Bullseye or have amazing physical strikers, just switch to GG for his immunity.
vs. Ebony Maw:  This squad did fairly well here.  Most of Songbird's attacks are quick and thus dont get interrupted by the iframes
vs. ThanosI have not checked this yet, but if his dispel hits both her shield and 6 star burst, this will be difficult.

assumed battles:
vs. Proxima Midnight:  I remember when Proxima was by far the hardest of all the BO characters.  I do not see this fight being difficult, shield burst and keep moving
vs. Black Dwarf:should be total decimation, just swap to GG during 3rd stage spins

She-Hulk(L), Sister Grimm, Singularity

Very solid team and one I used to rely on for wins each week.  I still rely on them for Black Dwarf days as they can clean house there.  Usually it is Sister Grimm who does everything. Clones, then pick your spots with her other skills.

vs. Black Dwarf:  this is the easiest one to win.  Getting through his first two stages is no problem.  When he gets to his third it can be tricky as he will desroy the clones quick but if you are careful and have not neglected singularity(especially her uber damaging 6 star skill) you should be fine.
vs. the rest:  while I have beaten all other wb (save for iThanos) with this team, they are much harder.  Stunlock and pure damage from other WB take a lot out of this team, useable, but difficult)

WW(L), Daisy, Iron Fist
This is the other reliable Black Dwarf cleaner.  When I want to beat him as often as possible without using t2 or Black Order charaacters, this is my go to.  it is all, WW buff, Daisy buff, then Iron Fist 5 and 6 star skills from as up close as possible.  Iron Fist's high Dodge stat will allow him to ignore the most of incoming punishment, but if you are unlucky, you will be crushed.  My worst luck ever required me to fight with this team 3 times before I got the win.

I may start playing around with other characters next week, especially if I have a request for a character, I might build them up and see what I can do.
Vs. Black Dwarf