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The Secret World

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I could see myself getting really into this, more then any other MMO I've seen in a looong time.. the premise behind this is right up my alley.  It has more of the dark and gritty realism that MxO had back in the day.

Dark Days are Coming

What think you?

I wonder how they are going to balance the types of playable characters.  Vampires, Were Wolves, etc.  Some serious balance issues there.

This looks interesting and it appeals to my Urban environment.

PS. Borderlands is kicking my ass because of its awesomeness!

Drint Blasters:
so basically its Twilight the mmo?


--- Quote from: Drint Blasters ---so basically its Twilight the mmo?
--- End quote ---

Your kidding right?  Hell no, it's not like Twilight.  Although, Vampires seem to be the new fad right now so it would not surprise me a bit if they ended up making a Vamp themed MMO.  Ugh.  Definite pass on that.

Anyways, Secret World is about global conspiracies and secrets and it's set in present day and it takes place all around the world with real-world locations and whatnot.  The 3 playable organizations are the Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragons.  There are Vampires and warewolves and all the other mythological monsters, but I don't think they are going to be playable.  The gameplay itself is going to be free-form without the usual levels and classes that most games have.  You are literally going to be able to build your character however you want as far as skills, builds and weapons.  And it's all set in the dark and gritty, realistic urban environment that reminds me a lot of Mega City.

If you haven't already, check out the Game Info and the Initiation Test in for some more info. 


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