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DDO Guild Event - suggestions wanted

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Hey fellow DDO players. I thought it was about time we got an event or two planned. Hopefully you will all have a little time off over the next few weeks and it might be a chance to organise a few things for us to do together.

Feel free to post any ideas you might have in this topic and when we decide on something we can add it to the calendar. Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

* Run on Durks to get muckbanes for all
* Powerlevel on a quest such as Kobolds New Ringleader or Tear of Dhakan
* Trash and Treasure in the market for trading/selling/buying gear etc
* Necropolis run (p2p)
* Turbine point farming on servers with new/low level toons
* New Toon Korthos run through to get more toons up to lvl 4+ etc
Anyway, if you have an idea suggest away. Even it is just a get together and role play a bit. I am up for pretty much anything. (Not that kind of thing MicrosoftSam! You keep your hands to yourself)

oh, oh you got me * tumbles towards a corner with my monk* snicker snicker. lol

Sounds like you've covered most of all that I have thoughts on.  Some high end XP/Favor runs would be great.

By pwer lvling i would think my lower lvls woud do more use lol
Right now i could really use the pwer lvling on my monk.

How many lvls do you think we can get?

1 more rank for my monk and he's lv 4 lol


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