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Omega Syndicate is looking for you!
We are a relatively new DDO guild to the world of Khyber, but have a long history as a guild in other MMO's.  We have a mature and sound base, with an active guild forum and site/s. We are currently only on the Khyber server, but will branch out to other servers if the need arises.

We are looking for like minded players who long for fun and adventure in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons Online.  Currently we are based around the Australian EST (GMT+10/11) time zone with the desire for other local and international players to join us in the guild.

We don't really have any requirements or rules, but more guidelines to enjoying the experience:
1. Enjoy the game, with a mature head on your shoulders.  So no age requirements, just respect your guild mates at all times.
2. Willing to embrace the guild 'family' mentality, but not forced to group.  You can solo or party up as you like.  Help is, hopefully, only a /guild message conversation away.
3. Participate on the guild forums; this is a great way to communicate over varied time zones, develop great friends and share information.
4. No requirements on status, F2P, Premium or VIP all are welcome.
5. No requirements on character race, type or level.
6. No requirement for voice chat, but an obvious advantage.

Remember, in the Omega Syndicate everyone has an equal and respected voice.  We have members who like to Role Play, those that focus on questing and others that might like to work on their speed runs; so almost all playing styles can be catered for.  We are all about making the DDO experience the most fun it possibly can be for all of us.

Once you join the guild you'll gain access to private sections on the forum and other guild resources.  We hope to hear from you in or out of game.

/tell Eldraine - Leader
/tell Graxor

You can also sign up here and post any questions there.


Also note if you join up here and are a member online and your username is different please PM me so I know who you are and I can setup your account for private access.

Well Omega Syndicate has opened an office over on Orien.  We are slowly gaining in Guild Level and character levels.


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