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The Future Of Aion

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Holy Schkamoley that looks freaking siiick.

... If I were a guy.. I'd probably have to change my pants right now  :D

... WOW!  Looks like a Final Fantasy Movie!

So it's like Second Life but combat and a MMO, you can create own building?   The visuals are amazing, that's for sure!

I really like the environment changes on the fly, how that will translate into real game will be interesting.  If it's even half of what is here, it will be very impressive!


*falls over* what the shit is this, I'm on the hunt for an MMO right now, need something to do when I don't have home work as I'M AN UNEMPLOYEED STUDENT OFFICALLY AS OF TODAY !!! WOOOOOOOO.

But I'm looking for a game where OS members a playing already, I don't feel like starting from scratch again, lol, MXO was enough.

Hey McBain, congrats I think on your new found free time.

As for current MMO that OS members are playing, well Dungeons & Dragons is the current active MMO I am in.  We have 2 other OS members (both members here) and good thing it's Free to Play/Pay to Play.  The contents is rich and the game play is great, melee combat is actually fun [looking at your MxO!].  You can go a very long way and not pay any money, and if you work efficiently and grind with alternate characters can even get lots of free purchase points to buy content.


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