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Hello!  and welcome to the brand new and shiny, Omega Syndicate Online Community Website!

If everyone could start by signing in, saying a little bit about how and where you've all been and what games your currently playing, we can start to get a feel for where everyone is and what we need to be adding to this site as far as game or topic specific sections go.

Any suggestions for content are of course, always welcome!

**cracks a bottle of champagne against the hull of the new OS forums**
Let the posting begin!

Code reporting in!
I'm pimping it pretty much as usual  ;D
I'm looking for an MMO to get excited about like I was with MxO, DC Universe Online looks pretty cool, although I think it'll be lost on me as I don't read comic books. Final Fantasy XIV Online is something I'm looking forward to as well, as I'm playing FFXI Online at the moment and loving every second.

As far as suggestions go, I think that if in this thread it becomes clear that there is a big group of people looking forward to/playing a particular game then it should have its own sub forum. I don't think there should be a sub forum for every genre, as the posts would be way too spread out, but how about somewhere down the track we have a Singleplayer General and a Multiplayer General (provided things get active enough).

Also, may I suggest that there be a news bulletin/news post on, making the existence of this site very clear, so any MxO players looking for somewhere to go get directed here.


Code you beat me!  I didn't think anyone was going to sign in that quick  ;)

Well, I haven't been playing too much as far as MMO's go lately.  I was in EVE for a couple months every now and then but I just couldn't get into it.  THe learning curve was too big and although the depth of that game blew me away, I found it just far far too much to get into at this stage so I ended up canceling my sub.

One game that I am pretty excited about now though is AION online.  It's still in Beta though to go live in September and I must say, it's already an amazing game and they're still making it even better.  The lore and the game background is unique as far as what I've seen in the MMORPG world.  Anyone who's interested, for sure check it out.   You can get into Beta if you pre-order the game though I think there's only one more Beta event left until it goes live. 

Absolutely we'll be creating sub-forums here when and if there's a particular interest in a specific game or genre.  That's more the point of the sign in topic, so we can get an idea of where everyone is so we can start figuring that out.  All in due time though.

Good call though on making a news bulletin on the MxO site, I hadn't thought about that. 
*runs over to post an article*

Here as usual. Taking a bit of a step back from being overly involved in online gameage to be honest, I found it all a little too stressful near the end.

Still, preordered Aion and looking forward to seeing how that develops. May stay there full time if it turns out decent. Always down for a bit of Dawn Of War II and Xbox Live but apart from that I'm concentrating on single players and other aspect of my technological life xD

TWO OS'ers into Aion? Looks like I'll have to check it out, you guys let me know how it is, yeah?  :)
Hope you're both doing well IRL, too.


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