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Games with an Omega Syndicate presence


Not all games will have a dedicated section, but hopefully a list here of current [past] games with an Omega Syndicate presence.

[PC] = Computer
[Mobile] = iSO/Android Application

[inactive] = Guild still exists, but limited or no support.

* PC Games
* The Matrix Online [closed][PC]
* Dungeons & Dragons Online [inactive][PC]
* EVE Online [inactive][PC]
* TERA [inactive][PC]
* Warframe [inactive][PC]
* WH40K Eternal Crusade [inactive][PC]
* Mobile Games
* Clash of Clans [active][Mobile]
* Boom Beach [inactive][Mobile]
* Racing Rivals [inactive][Mobile]
* Battle Beach [inactive][Mobile]
* Dungeon Keeper [inactive][Mobile]
* Marvel Contest of Champions [inactive][Mobile]
* Marvel Future Fight [active][Mobile]
* MARVEL Avengers Academy [*inactive][Mobile]
* Clash Royale [inactive][Mobile]
* Animation Throwdown: TQFC [inactive][Mobile]
* Shadowverse [*inactive][Mobile]
* The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault [inactive][Mobile]
* Marvel Strike Force [active][Mobile]* no in game guild/clan functionality.


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