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Sending out a HEY OS!!!
.. sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

Well, I know it's a huge longshot that anyone will actually read this but I was hit with a bit of MxO and OS nostalgia the other day and wanted to stop in and say hi, just on the off chance that anyone's still around to see it.

My life has been going really good the last while, I was lucky enough to get a really good job in my home town and have just recently bought myself a house and have been very much enjoying life in this tiny little hippy town in the middle of the mountains of BC that I call home.  I've been offline for quite a while computer wise and haven't played any mmorpg's in years though I bought myself a good Mac not too long ago.  Unfortunately there's not a whole lot of games out there for Mac's yet though I wouldn't really have the time to play them right now even if there was.  Ahh well, who knows you may see me back in some sort of game yet, I just found out LOTRO is good to go on Mac's though so I may pop back in there and see if my account still works at some point seeing as it's free to play now. 

It occurred to me just recently, I think the OS is around 10 years old now!  I'm pretty sure the faction was established in 2004 so that's quite the milestone, regardless of the fact that we're really not active anymore.  Cheers to that OS!

I know it's unlikely that anyone will read this at this point but who knows, maybe just maybe there's folk still around these parts.  If by any chance there are I'd love to hear how you're doing after all this time! 

Even if I never hear from any of you again, I hope you're all doing well and are living spectacularly awesome lives out there in the real!


::raises a glass in salute and listens to the echo::

Still love you all.



Blast from the past, yeah I'm never sure of those that still visit either.  I visit every now and again, and stumbled upon this message when I got a new phone and Google Now alerted me of a new post.  It's been read, by me at least.

I'm happy to read your life's being gong good.  I've recently gotten a new job, after being made redundant at my last job of 14 years.  It's awesome have your own home eh?  Makes working for a goal that much more pleasant.  I've been online, but play less and less computer based games.  Most of my games are mobile based, which are a decent time waster.  Shame you got a MAC :P, but these days you can run Windows on them so can even play most games.   I've got a LOTR online account too, and funny enough 2 game cards, which I'm sure have expired, to use.  But as a Fremium game it's okay, I got into D&D more and load that every now and again.

Yes, it's well over a decade old ... wow that makes on feel quite old.  I think back and wish I was a better clan leader, but it was what it was.

I'm so happy to have read your message and it warms my heart to think that we, as group, touched and impacted on each others lives.  Even if we didn't know it.

I look forward to reading from others, and you, but I agree it might never been read again :D

Draconis aka Rumbaar aka Andrew :D

Hey Drac!  I'd figured if anyone was still around to respond, you at least would be :) 

It really is great having your own place, I'd calculated how much I've spent in rent the last decade and it was pretty depressing.  Figured it was time I started paying off my own mortgage instead of someone else's.

So my LOTRO account is actually still active and works and all my old characters are still there!  Funny, I logged in but it's been like 4 or 5 years since I was there that I had no idea where I was or what I was supposed to be doing.  Had a bunch of cool gifts in my inventory though for all these anniversaries that I've missed over the years.  I won't be online there a whole bunch but if I'm in the mood for a little frivolous distraction, you might find me there.  My main characters are on the Landroval server:
Yalith - Level 40 Elf Lore-Master
Sonavi - Level 23 Woman Burglar
Reinwyn - Level 16 Woman Guardian (more of a storage alt than anything)

Never really got that too high in levels back in the day but it was cool to see all my old characters again.  I have lowbie alts on the other servers (at least the ones that were there back in the day) but my main is on Landroval.

So yea, would be cool to see you around there sometime.  Would be cool to shoot the shit with an OS'er once more :)

Glad to hear you're doing well, I'm going to pop in here a little more often now that I'm all good to go on a computer again.  Though not a shame about my Mac.  I got so done with dealing with Windows and drivers and shit not working I finally threw in the towel with them and couldn't justify dropping yet even more money in Microsoft's pockets.  After being on a mac now for a while, I am never going back!

Anyways, have to run and get ready for work.  Take it easy, take care and I'll chat with ya later!

I posted this on the old MxO OS forums but it probably has a better chance of being seen here, so I'll just paste it here too  :)

I still pop in occasionally for old times sake.   ;)

Glad to hear things are doing well for you Rei. Life's going pretty good here too, lets see since MxO I've gotten married, bought & rehabbed a house which we're now living in, had a son who's almost 1 year and a half old now as well as moving up into an office sales position at work. (was working in the field as an HVAC repairman)

After MxO I tried WoW, but could never fully get into it, but have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic for about 6 months now & am really enjoying it. If you ever want to get back into gaming give it a try(or if anyone already playing see's this let me know, I'd love to catch up & do some gaming with you guys) . It's got it's flaws, but after playing some other games I'm actually amazed we stayed in MxO as long as we did, given it really had no end game content to speak of at all.

Anyway just saw your post so I thought I'd check in  :)

Miss you guys,


Hey Crowe!  Long time no see!  Great to hear your life has been going good, congrats on the house and marriage and kid! 

You know, MxO was the first MMO I ever played and as limited as it was in retrospect, I still have a huge soft spot for it and I was always more drawn to the continuation of the storylines and the deeper philosophical aspects of it that you really don't seem to get in a lot of other games.  That and the people, it was the OS that really kept me in that game for as long as I did because everyone was just so freakin awesome and fun.  We had a pretty good thing going there for a long time :)  I just went back and looked through all the old pictures in the Photo Album on the old OS Matrix site and yea, *sigh*  So may good memories back in there :)


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