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So I was watching The Matrix the other day....


And it made me think of you guys and how bad I've been about keeping in touch.  How is life OS?  I got married and a new job since the last time I popped in here.  How about the rest of you?

As you can see it's quite quiet around here.

I'm just on holidays and trying to enjoy the silly session.  Also trying to get some passion for games back again, but the lady friends have messed with that & boredom.

Hi Fernas!  Long time no see :)  I still pop in from time to time but I'm not really in any games at the moment.   I end up spending most of my day in front of a computer at work so I'm usually not in the mood to sit down at one again for any length of time when I'm home.  And really, there isn't a whole lot of games out there that are interesting me at the moment either.  Although, I may pop back into LOTRO now that xmas is over and it's free to play to check out the new mage/medic class.  Maybe I'll get inspired ;)

I changed jobs myself not too long ago and moved, and generally have been keeping pretty busy for the most part.  Life is going good though.  Sounds like things have been going pretty good for you as well which is really great to hear!

I've created an account on LotRO, and got some cheap game cards.  So am using those to get Turbine Points to buy stuff.  The game is very different to DDO and I'm not really into it.


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