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Guild renown.
« on: July 27, 2010, 02:50:17 PM »
It seems they are still finding their feet in regards to the Guild Renown and how it's gained.  The Patch to Update 5 enabled the small guild bonus.  Which for 25 accounts and less in a guild you'll get an additional multiplier to the base renown gained.

Over the weekend MadFloyd [developer] tweaked with the renown and it seems got the small guild bonuses formula mixed up.  For a guild with 6 accounts you got a multiplier of 3.0 as the total.

50 renown would be 50 X 3.0 = 150.

But over the weekend it was:
50 + (50 X 3.0) = 200

I didn't know it was wrong, but I was farming Orchard for kills [Caravan/Rats] and getting a 1000 token and seeing 4000! added to the guild renown was a nice surprise.  It looked like with that and Sands runs I reached my Guild renown per day limit.

Which I'll have to go through my screenshots, was at least 20,000+ renown in 24hours.  I got to a point where I got zero renown token in chest, and only 'kill' renown.

With the hotfix they it seems to be back to normal, but who knows what it suppose to be.  So 50 = 150 and 1000 would still be a nice 3000 :)

Hopefully it will be easy for L20 characters to farm renown, as it's based on quest level and there are only 2 L20 quests/raids in the game and who wants to farm quests on hard/elite for random renown.

I see a middle character [arcane] farming Sands & Orchard and even Gianthold as the best renown farming.  With Orchard and the caravan/rats reform added bonus of XP for slayers a bonus and easy of farm with arcane a breeze.