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LOTRO Goes Free to Play

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Title explains itself.

I know it did the world of good for D&D (of which a lot of you are fans), so I wonder, what are your opinions on the newly F2P LOTRO?

Hmm.. free eh?  I kinda got bored of LOTRO back in the day but considering it wouldn't cost anything and I could still use my old characters I may just be tempted back in at some point to check it out. 

Is anyone even active in LOTRO still?

Yes I saw this too.

There is a page that lists all the benefits and differences from FREE->Premium->VIP.  I see they had/have a lifetime sub option as well.

I've thought about checking it out, once it goes FREE.  I'm hoping that LOTRO will actually allow me to play an Elf Ranger who is an actual Ranger type character.

The population might be low, but like DDO once it went F2P the populations increased.  After the success of DDO F2P it was only a mater of time.

For a comparison of what you get from FREE->Premium->VIP

O rly? hmmm

hmm still deciding if i should give it a shot, did the beta or trial and didn't like it lol. well i did but i lagged terrible back then. still same pc but upgraded the cpu so it might work better this time. so need more hard drive space x.x


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