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Allods - looking for a crew

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Not really, not just yet, but soon hopefully.

I've got to make a confession, I've got a weakness for "free" Korean MMO's and the gpotato site has some of the best.  I've played Rappelz and Flyff and, while fun, they didn't have what I needed to keep me interested.  This new one may change that.

See, at higher levels you get a ship, and that ship needs a crew.  Its not like Pirates of the Burning Seas or Star Trek Online where your crew is a bunch of NPC losers, you need real people for your crew.  There's a bunch of stations like navigation, cannons, lookout, engines, repair and they all need real people to run them.  This is what I've been waiting for in so many games but was disappointed.

Now, the rest of the game is a pretty standard WoW clone, and I can't stand WoW, so it remains to be seen if the ship/crew aspect will be enough to keep me hooked.  But if it does, I can't think of anyone I'd rather have on board with my than the crews I've already served with on HvCs.  :)

The site looks impressive, that's for sure.  I can't say I've checked out any other Free MMO's other than D&D Online.

The idea of having key members and guild that actually has to work together sounds very interesting.  I wonder how it handles different timezones, etc?  Does everyone have to be on all the time and at the same time?

to crew the ship, yes.  otherwise its just like any other mmo.

So if you have no crew on at the time you cannot do anything?

i imagine you grab a pickup crew.


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