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State of the Game 2010


Looks like the publisher has announced a lot of up coming changes.

[+] New pack L6-8
[+] New and better cosmetic items, to change your appearance but not stats of last worn item
[+] Guild perks, like housing and other rewards.  I'm concerned it's only for larger guilds, so will be keeping an eye on this.
[+] new race Half-orc and new classes etc.
[+] Fixing issues like Mass Heal, and even a possible String Search to the AH :D

Give the full article a read, but it looks like a lot of positive steps forward.

Now I just have to make sure I can keep up with content :)  But I'm yet to touch even 50% of the content at Level 18 of my first character, I'm sure I'll have long ways to go.

O.o....half-orc. I bet that will be popular.

Yeah .. I wonder if it will be a melee class ;)

My guess is there are gonna be a lot half orc barbs running around... generally orcs get a str bonus from memory...

I think the old PnP rules gave them +2 strength and -2 int and cha.


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