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Reminiscing on old multiplayer games (the offline variety)


After having a look at Milo's Backloggery page a lot of old multiplayer memories for games like Bomberman 64, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark came flooding back. I really miss the old days (must be about 7ish years ago now) when me and a bunch of friends used to play these sorts of games over a pretty constant 36 hour period most weekends :D

My favourite always used to be bomberman though... I'd love picking bombs up that were kicked at me and throwing em on top of the person who kicked em causing them to get dazed and watch as their bomb blows up on them...

Anyone else have these sorts of fond memories??  ;D

ahh golden eye was my very first fps :) and the nintendo64 was the first brand new system i ever had lol but sadly i was like 11 with anger issues and decided to throw the controller and my mom gave it away -.- i was well i thaught i was almost a the end of the lvl and then i got swarmed with baddies and my mom was yelling at me -.- what was a kid saposed to do? but anyways thats my story
oh and another one was pokemon snap ^^ i had that and pokemon stadium lol i loved it so much... but anyways you guys have a good night i have to stay up till like 8 and its 5 20 now :( so ill work on eversshadow so until tomorrow good night and fair dream to all :)

Well, I was born after the cold war, so...

Jokes. In all seriousness I remember playing Crash Team Racing and Goldeneye, oh how I played those two with my friends.


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