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Omega has it's first female member. Welcome Andi. Also, I ran with a woman from Southern Australia yesterday. We had a fairly nice chat, and something came up that has decided to make me wax philosophical. Votre Coeur told me she had recently been stalked in the game by someone that she had to squelch. This person also sent her many emails of an inappropriate nature. He is not the only stalker she has dealt with. She has also had numerous arguments with idiots who have told her girls have no business playing this game. I have heard some complaints like this from other females I have met as well. I even had one myself when some idiot newbie mistakenly believed that Gypsy was being played by a woman. He told me woman shouldn't be allowed on a computer.

There are relatively few females playing this game, and some of the reason for that may be traced to a minority of sexist or delusional fools who harrass them. Let's all remember that the girls are online to have fun playing the game, just as we are, not to pander to our sexual fantasies. Also, let us support Andi and any other female members who may join, reporting harrassment to DDO as a united group.


but who gives their email address to stalkers? not judging... just saying...

Her game email, I believe. I can send you an email care of zaltron, telling you how much I love you, if I want.

ahh right

that makes sense

why don't you send me those kinds of mails?

You have such good responses....but the picture has a moustache. (Old Cream tune)


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