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Raid Preparation Week - Get your Characters Flagged


Now is the time to get your characters ready for Raid Week. In preparation, we want to get as many as possible flagged to run a variety of raids. We are looking at Vault of Night, Twilight Forge, Demon Queen and maybe even start flagging for Shroud runs.

Come along, bring your favourites and join in to complete the quests needed to flag for the raids. They are fun, give good xp and loot and will get easier the more we run them. If we can get everyone flagged we can even start running the Raids themselves.

Now is the time to practice, so that once we hit level 20 we can take it to the next level. EPIC :D

Any questions or comments, post below. As you complete the flagging, update your info in the thread

I posted the raid progression chart for ModelT and Graxor. I will fill in the blanks shortly. I am fairly certain that I am fairly close to flagging for Sands and Gianthold, at least. I just need a few more relics to flag one of them in GH. I haven't killed any dragons yet. Is Gianthold TOR still closed?

Kewlies. I currently have 22 eleven relics, and will likely pick up more. If anyone needs just a few to flag, let me know. I also have 14 and 16 of the other two, so the same goes once I am over 20.

With the lack of a guild bank I think we should have a guild bank toon for this leftover stuff.

I'm planning on getting more relics than I need aswell. Would like to be able to store them all somewhere central for other guildies or my alts.


--- Quote from: samagination on February 24, 2010, 12:39:09 PM ---With the lack of a guild bank I think we should have a guild bank toon for this leftover stuff.
--- End quote ---
Not talk for a public area of the forums :)



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