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Winter Events Feburary 2010, recipes and such.


Well the coins are able to get from doing the ramps in Harbour or the Skating Rink in House P tavern.

For the harbour you'll need Ice Skates {can hire or purchase from DDO store [95TP} and a max jump {so jump buff, House P or pots}.  You can also purchase a cocoa pot that teleports you to the top of the first ramp area from the store {save time on miss jumps}.

There are some good video thread:

Also a full list of all the recipes and what ingredients are needed.

Timing is key, and low latency helps.  Try lowing graphic level, turn off names {v} and UI {alt+z ?}

I've found you get most common recipes from whites.  Get 4 from Blues and 5 from purples.  Of course the 4 & 5's are the most sort after.  I've only ever gotten one 5 and 2 fours.  You get moles from all, varying in amounts.

You can add recipes 3, 4,3,5, & 4 to get Icy Burst and Frost on the one weapon, and I did this, but it's been deemed 'not as intended' and they'll be removing the lower frost at a later time.  So I wasted a 4 {3 is common} :(

A lot of higher stuff can be immune to cold damage, so don't think you're missing out on stuff.  But at lower->higher it can hit hard on certain weapons.  Also having Icy Burst on a non ML item can make it very worthy.

5 recipes also can get at least 100->200k Platnium at the moment.  They are up on the AH for more, like 400k, but I doubt they are selling.  Those with that amount of money, have the resources to farm it themselves.

The skating rink requires a four person team.  There is 3 triggers on the rink and a single ice jet.  Once all triggers have a person on them the ice jet shoots a person up in the air where they can get coins.  This can be done quit easily with a 4 team, and is not too hard.

The 3 trigger people have no skats and can sit on the trigger for a bit, as you're slowed.  You might fall over.  Then the one person just waits and collects.  With a little team work can farm.  But can also have to fight others for the same single coin.

I think I'll pass on this. I'd rather be doing quests, I think. I agree with Hakuba, that the effects are probably permanent.

Yeah I read that the other day about not being permanent.  But the comment from Tolero about the extra Frost was that when it will be fixed they'll be only removing the weaker version.  So if it was not going to be permanent I doubt they'd do anything as it will be over next week anyways and I doubt a hotfix will be out before then.  But I think this a smart tactics by those that might want to purchase the recipes and items cheaper, to try and crash the current market maybe?

As for doing quests, if you can get the blue/purples on a regular bases.  Then you can make some quick plat.  Under cutting the large prices on the AH and still make money.  I found turning off the UI made the LAG almost disapear, I was mad that I didn't do it earlier.

Yeah I've tried that but I don't have the skills to turn around quick enough to point at the exact right way.  Also unless you're a L20 monk with the +1 Ki generation after 2-3 uses of the Abundant Step you're out of Ki.  Not sure how the FvS go, I'm sure using SP and it's nature charge in public area's will help them.


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