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well, i've been thinking of trying DDO out for some time.  so when i reconnected with OS post MxO, and noticed that we have a DDO group, it has me even more interested.

so, if i do sign up, what do you need? which races/classes are you in need of?  if its something i was interested in anyway, it could tip the scales.

for background, i've got many years of D&D (2nd, 3e, some 4e) under my belt, even some GMing.  but be warned, i've annoyed some teammates in the past.  like my cleric who wouldn't cast harm for RP reasons.  :)  (he's a dedicated healer, he can't use his power to hurt!)

well... i honestly dont know what we "need" but welcome :D and hopefully ill get to talk to ya :) and a healers are  always welcome  so yea hopefully see ya in game :D

Fantastic Fernas, well we are on the Kyhber server.  As for what we need, it's all about making the game fun for you. So create a character that you will enjoy playing.  We'll all help out and play, there are many choices and we certainly don't want to tell you how and what to play.

As a free player you are limited to 2 characters per server, but if you purchase any points you automatically get 4 toon slots.  So can role a few characters to decide.  It's also very easy to level the first 1-8 so re-rolling isn't much of an issue until you find what you like.

I'll add you to the D&D group so you can access the private sections.  We just need your in game character name and we can get you in guild.  Hope to see you in game.  Currently there is a seasonal event and even a 20% XP boost until the 11th.

As for role playing, that is very welcomed.  Hakuba played a cleric that at one point would not kill anything, only heal.  So we can work around that, that's for sure.

I totally agree with rumbaar. Play something you like to play. And play it the way you want to. Ask Hakuba how he plays his cleric.

I've asked what a guild needs before in terms of character classes or tradeskill classes. I always get that same line "whatever will be fun". Which is a nice thing to say but pretty useless haha. What if everything is fun? What if I enjoy a game more when i'm needed?


In our high-level group of regulars we have a a tank, cleric, bard/rogue, and monk. This group is lacking specialist crowd control and/or a caster.

Mid level group we have a barbarian, a multiclass dps machine, a wizzy/rogue, and a pure wizzy. Mostly warforged so the wizards act as healers. This group is lacking a tank and a divine healer.

Mid levels are catching up to high levels now, though, so we'll be mixing and matching soon.

I have level 4's of just about every class, hakuba has a level 4 sorcerer, don has a low level rogue, rumbaar has a low level barbarian.

Not sure if that helps you decide.

As hakuba said, pen and paper means next to nothing in this game. You'll be familiar with classes and feats and most of the enemy types, though, so that's a start. I'd recommend spending some time browsing the class discussion in the forums just to get an idea of what works and what doesn't. http://forums.ddo.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21. My only advice if you're starting out with 28 point builds is don't make a paladin.

Happy to jump on our low level chars whenever you're around!

See you in game.


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