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Title: I am Guemon
Post by: hakuba on November 16, 2009, 11:15:03 PM
I don’t normally talk about myself much, but I will relent this one time. Don’t go thinking you can just ask me whatever you like though, as I am more than likely to carve out your liver when you are not looking then talk about my past.

My Childhood

Like most good little halflings, I was raised by my mah and pah with lots of other little halfling whelps. I was a happy-go-lucky kind of boy who wasn’t afraid of getting in a little mischief but would still stand up for my friends when things got a little rough. Naturally gifted with acrobatic skills, like all halflings, I was not the best but had a knack for winning at games of ‘hide and destroy’. No one could hold their flag against my stealthy feints and attacks!

I had two older sisters and a younger brother, who I constantly fought with, despite my parents pleas that we all get along. The problem was they didn’t understand why I was constantly getting into trouble. They didn’t share my spirit for good fun is how I saw it.

Why I became a Rogue

A thief I may be, but only because I didn’t have a choice! When I was still only a boy I was left on my own. An Orc raiding party decided to attack our village at night and we were caught completely unawares. My father managed to kill some of them, he even got the Orc leader, before the poison from the arrows was too much for him. My mother died standing over his body fighting off the ones who were trying to get to his body.

In the end, I had to watch as they were both killed, skinned and strung up in the village square as examples. The Orcs then proceeded to wipe out the entire village as retribution for their losses. The ones they didn’t eat or feed to their wolves, they skinned and strung up with my parents. My brother was eaten, my sisters skinned. It was the wolves that found them, hiding in our cellar.

I only managed to escape as I couldn’t get to the cellar in time, so I climbed out my room window into the tree tops. I had spent a lot of my young life there, hiding from my fellows, but now I used them to save my life. Only three halflings from my village survived. Myself, and two others who were away cutting wood in the forest at the time of the attack.

I almost got caught by the wolves at one point. Watching my parents die drove me crazy for a while and I just wanted to kill the Orcs. I got one as he was chewing on someones leg. Slit his throat from ear to ear. Unfortunately the wolves caught my scent, and I had to scramble to escape through the trees. I didn’t get any more chances for revenge that night.

Once they left I was left with nothing. No family, no home, friends, food, money. All gone. I was still young and determined to get revenge. Thieving and fighting became a way of life. The only way to stay alive.

How did you get here

Well, after a couple of years just stealing small things to stay alive, food, clothes from lines, an item or two from the markets, I had been journeying the whole time. Luckily I came upon an old halfling, who caught me stealing from his home one night. He knew what I was and seemed to feel sorry for me. He told me he didn’t have anything worth stealing, but he could give me a place to stay for a few nights.

Two years later, I left his home for Stormreach. The old man taught me a few tricks, but most importantly, he showed me how to do things for the right reasons. Once he heard about my family and village, he knew I would be consumed with revenge. Slowly he helped me to realize that I could put my thieving skills to good use, that I was never going to be strong enough to get my revenge on the Orcs, I was going to have to get it another way.

I learned that if I ever want to avenge my family, I am going to have to learn new skills and tricks. Learn how to fight in all situations and how to take care of myself. I need some adventure!

Why I don’t like elves

Everyone likes Elves right?! They are the fairest of the races. Not me. Before I left for Stormreach I found out that the Elves that lived in the forest knew about the Orc raid that destroyed my village and did nothing. They didn’t fight. They didn’t help. They didn’t even notice that our village had been destroyed. We were of no significance to them. That’s why I don’t like Elves. They can’t be trusted. Never rely on an elf when you need help, or you will be let down. As far as I am concerned, Elves are almost as bad as Orcs.


(If you need help or a rogue’s skill, send me a message and I may help. Otherwise the only way you will know I am around is as you feel one of my pretties slicing through your innards, especially if you are an Orc)
Title: Re: I am Guemon
Post by: MicrosoftSam on November 21, 2009, 01:01:08 PM
Oh hey Guemon,

How are you getting into trouble i hope. Wouldn't be a close to the ground  halfling rogue if you weren't. Oh and very nice bio felt like i was reading it out of a book.  :)
Title: Re: I am Guemon
Post by: MicrosoftSam on November 22, 2009, 07:45:53 PM
if you say so, all i remember was you being the butt of everyone's jokes. :P

But yea dood you, Dark and myself should do the rest of the harbor quests. :D
Title: Re: I am Guemon
Post by: MicrosoftSam on November 23, 2009, 03:57:54 PM
That's interesting my character is based off the amazing character by the late David Gemmell. We should have you hung from your toes.

By the way he is Albino not green.