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Corvus Glaive by Wade
« on: August 30, 2016, 04:03:29 AM »
So a couple of you have asked about Corvus and I figured I would lead off with him.  I will skip all of the bio info that a lot of these guides put up as you either know it or can look up a much more complete guide than I could give in this space.

Corvus can be one of the more frustrating World Boss characters to play against, thankfully, that frustration can aid you on your quest for Future Fight domination.

Why to Choose Corvus:  Summons, Durability, iframes, Invulnerability, decent damage, on attack striker, cooldown leadership ability, stun lock, extra life

Why to not chose Corvus:  relatively low hit points, not as damaging as other black order characters, one waste of a skill

While Corvus may not be a beastly damage dealer like some other Black Order characters( looking at Thanos, Super Giant and Proxima) he offers something they do not, amazing survivability and the ability to make a mistake without suffering too poorly.

Lets start by looking at his skills:

Boogeyman:  This is the first skill and it is 100% useless.  It does not do much damage, takes forever and has no control on it.  Don't waste points on it

Pain Wheel:  This is going to be one of your main damage dealers, Corvus jumps back (with a single iframe so good at interrupting attacks) and shoots off three waves of energy damage at the target.
Very good skill but be careful, you cannot cancel out of this skill and thus if you are not careful you can be left open to a fairly powerful counter attack.

Piercing Strike:  very good in all modes except World Boss.  Corvus lunges forward and stabs repeatedly at a target, stunning them for the duration and 3 seconds afterwards.  This is one of the things that makes Corvus potent in Timeline.

Deadly Charge:  here is the reason I chose Corvus, minions.  This summons about 6 corvus minions to attack.  This is a life saver in all modes as most AI only targets what is closest, leaving you to do damage from afar.

Peek-a-Boo:  Corvus leaps into the sky(iframe) and comes down three times, leaving craters in the ground.  he then has each of those crater;s spew out fire to strike those around it.  It has a fairly good range, tracks enemies fairly well, does both Physical and Energy damage, gives Corvus invulnerability for the 5 second duration and can be cancelled and still keep your immunity. In any match where you start out with all your skills available this is the first move.  Cancel out in between the second and third craters to summon minions.  The fire will still go off and you will be immune to damage for the summoning.  Beautiful.

Doppleganger:  Passive, if you die you come back with 100% health.  a thing of Beauty and is the other way that Corvus can survive a mistake on your part.  When you die you also come back with all of your skills available, so have at it.

Black Order General (Leadership)  up to 24% cooldown reduction, cannot complain.

Skill Rotation:  Not World Boss:
  You either want to begin with Peek-a-boo or piercing strike.  If it is timeline, it will be piercing strike in order to summon your guys in peace.  From there it is Peek-a-Boo, Pain Wheel and then either peek a boo or piering strike to get more minions when they disappear.

World Boss:  even Easier rotation:  Start with Peek-Aboo, cancel it after the second crater in order to still have invincibility to summon.  Summon then back away for Pain Wheel.  Repeat ad nauseum.  When you want to use co op attack make sure peek a boo is available to you in case he decides to use piercing strike or boogeyman as his attack.  As long as your are careful and stay away , this is an easy win on all days (with some more skill you might even be able to do ithanos, though your damage output will make it close.

Gear:  the first three gears are standard:  Physical Attack, All Defense, HP, the last is where it gets interesting.

I go with an even split between crit rate and damage.  With my cards,special gear, iso set and alliance bonus I have a crit rate of 57% and a crit damage of 154%, this is with only my weapon being at 20.
\Special Gear:  Crit rate +20.8%
                         Stun Resist
                        HP below 30%, 2 second invulnerable
 this is only a tier 3 obelisk and I am reticent to move it up as this is a great one for Corvus.

ISO Set:  Since I am only at 20% reduction from my cards I went with Smart Raccoon  at the level I have it and with the iso I have it gives me:

                   Physical Attack +164
                   All Attack +455(from iso) +8.5% from set
                   Energy Defense:  +445
                   Physical Defense +280
                   All Defense:  +8.5%
                   HP +432
                   Crit Rate:  +116,  +8.5%
                   Dodge:  +116
                   Crit Damage:  +8.5%
                   Cooldown Time 8.1%
The more I think about it, the more I realize Smart Raccoon may not be the best choice here.  Whenever I use Corvus, he is my leader.  Meaning I get his +24% boost.  Couple that with +20% from cards and then the +12% from the alliance and I am over the cap even before I count is the 8.1% I get from here.  Thankfully the other stats are very good on this set so I dont need to spend the insane amount of crystal to remove them.

So yeah, thats what I got on Corvus.  Will take suggestions for others

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Re: Corvus Glaive by Wade
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2016, 08:33:01 AM »
Nice write up, I've finally gotten Promixa to 6* so I'm going to go for Corvus next.