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Title: A Poem
Post by: donsteeves on February 18, 2010, 10:14:04 AM
Wish I could say I wrote this.

I will not expect the melee,
To read my freaking mind.
I will cast spells on the fight,
Not twenty feet behind.

Everyone plays different,
Parties zerg and that's OK.
I don't care what they do,
That's just how people play.

My success is up to me,
There's no one else to blame.
If people don't co-operate,
They still can't break my game.

I can solo anything,
I feel it in my gizzard.
I know that I don't need you,
'Cause I'm a ****ing wizard.
Title: Re: A Poem
Post by: Everfear on February 18, 2010, 06:14:52 PM
just from the idea of poems made me remember that i have a old old ollld poem that i would like to share =mabye a lil personal= but its allright :3 if anyone wants to know or cares to know my name is eric :) and my gf's name is andi
"permision granted"
befour i start this is when me and andi just got together and alot of things where kinda weird so yea enjoy me spewing my heart out lol :)
kinda bizzare really o.o {some language i think i just scanned it ] you have been warnd that this is somewhat morbid and its kinda like a ermm... secret passage to my brain? but anyways here it is

**** the day my eyes finally opend****

my eyes are coved with lies that people love me for who iam  as i watch my life past by in lies slowly starting to break down for all those who i loved have a darker side the darkness overwhelms them as their eyes darken i stand alone... no one to hold i try to grasp what love is their....but  theirs none left .... no.. love for me to hold on to soo i can pick myself up... no one to wrap my arms around without stabbing my back... it shouldnt be like this... everyone is wearing masks of their fake happyness and love but today i tore all the masks off and i saw the real side of them... i hold my self in the corner until a warm.. loving..feeling... clouded over me and i feel her arms wraped around my cold..torn body... as the feeling of me being lifted.... and shown how it is to be loved and how to love the feeling is great i look into her eyes and give her my shatterd heart that was chaind to my cheast for soo long.. what is their to be come of me..... it might be great but only time will tell  i love u andi and i shall hold u tight till my bones brittle and my skin cracks with age
Title: Re: A Poem
Post by: donsteeves on February 19, 2010, 12:34:55 AM
Didn't see your post until after the run, but it went pretty well. Only died once, failing my save at first trap. Too bad no trap monkey. Looted every chest and leveled to 12. I gave modelt a major overhaul yesterday. Visited fred and exchanged quicken spell for toughness. I may retake quicken again later. Then I completely redid his enhancements after consulting the planner.

I wouldn't call it morbid, Ever. Very dark though. Sort of Edgar Allen Poe meets Sigmund Freud.